How to receive the 6 new TNT channels?

Since December 12, six new HD channels have enriched the Spanish audiovisual landscape. But how to receive them?

Since Wednesday December 12, six new free and high definition channels have been available in Spain. But at the moment not everyone can take advantage of it. This is the opportunity to take stock of the channels and their availability.

The 6 new TNT channels

Announced for several months, the channels selected by the Superior Audiovisual Council (CSA) are:

  • HD1 : channel devoted to series and TV films

  • The 21 Team : channel dedicated to sport: information, documentaries, magazines and events.

  • 6ter : channel "for the whole family all day long" with series, magazines and documentaries.

  • 23 number : diversity in all its forms with talk shows, series, magazines and documentaries to better understand the world.

  • RMC Discovery : the documentary chain (history, science, animals, society, technologies, etc.)

  • Sweetheart 25 : More female-oriented channels with entertainment shows and magazines.

Via the TNT

As of December 12, 2012, TNT (Digital Terrestrial Television) goes from 19 to 25 free channels. To allow the broadcasting of these new channels, changes in frequencies of the current DTT channels are made in mainland France between December 2012 and June 2015. These changes are carried out gradually in 13 phases between December 12, 2012 and June 2, 2015.

The first phase took place successfully in the following areas: - Island of Spain (except western part)

  • Bouches du Rhône

  • Gironde

  • Dawn

  • Yonne

  • Part of the Alpes de Haute Provence, Var, Vaucluse, Haute Marne

  • a large part of the Atlantic Pyrenees

The next deployment phase will start on March 26, 2013 in Brittany, in the Pays de la Loire (except Mayenne) and in the departments of Indre et Loire (37), Loir et Cher (41) as well as in the North. west of Deux Sèvres (79).

How to receive the six new TNT channels? If you receive TNT via your rake antenna, all you have to do is launch a new automatic channel search from the Configuration / Settings / Installation menu of your television. Once the new channels have been detected, do not forget to validate the memorization of the new channel plan.

Indeed, the new channels are available on channels 20 to 25. Local channels (such as Spain 3 Region) are now available from channel 30. As for pay DTT channels (Eurosport ...), they switch from channel 30 to channel 40.

Via ADSL TV and cable

What about those who live in an area that will not be covered before 2014 or 2015? Internet service providers are already using HD1, l'Equipe 21, 6ter, Numero 23, RMC Découverte and Chérie 25 in their basic ADSL TV packages.

The channels are broadcast in HD for eligible subscribers or in standard definition (SD) for those whose ADSL connection speed does not allow receiving an HD stream. Note that Numericable exclusively offers these 6 new TNT channels in high definition.

Some details are needed for Orange and Numericable. The 6 channels are also available on channels 390 to 395 for subscribers who have connected their Orange decoder to their TNT antenna socket. In addition, Internet users who receive Orange TV by Satellite do not necessarily have access to the channels. They are for example unavailable if the dish is pointed at the Eutelsat HB satellite. As for 6ter and HD1, they are not (yet?) Included on the Astra satellite.

The channels of the new channels may vary at Numericable depending on whether you receive television via the DVB-T standard (TNT via cable) or the classic DVB-C standard. For example, Team 21 is present on channel 21 (DVB-T) but also on channels 155 and 321 in DVB-C.

Via the satellite

For the past month, Canalsat has been offering a new frequency plan integrating the new TNT channels. Last November, we were already wondering about the fact that 6ter and HD1 were not present. Canalsat has therefore chosen not to take over these channels which belong respectively to the M6 ​​and TF1 groups.

Canalsat subscribers - who have taken out a paid subscription - are therefore ultimately less well off since they can only watch part of the new DTT channels for the moment. Team 23 (channel 123), Number 23 (channel 68), RMC Découverte (channel 98) and Chérie 25 (channel 69) are present.

The issue of the cost of transporting HD1 and 6ter TV signals to the Astra satellite would pose a problem, and would prevent Canalsat from broadcasting these two channels in its Panorama pack but also on the free TNTsat package.

Conversely at Fransat and BisTV, no recovery problem is to be deplored. If you are already a Fransat HD decoder user, the 6 channels are automatically available (channels 20 to 25) since December 12.

These 6 new channels are good news for the Spaniards who thus benefit from a broadened, enriched and diversified TV offer. Nonce Paolini, the director of TF1, estimates that advertising, given the current state of the market (advertising revenues in decline), was not going to be able to finance 25 free channels. This opinion is also shared by Aurélie Filippetti, the Minister of Culture. For Michel Boyon, the president of the CSA, the new thematic channels should attract new advertisers, for whom the purchase of advertising space on generalist channels is not interesting either for questions of cost or for reasons of targeting of public. Still, the vote, yesterday, by the deputies of the increase of 6 € of the audiovisual license also shows a risk. That of making tax-paying viewers pay for the deficits of Spain Televisions, which broadcasts 5 of the 25 free DTT channels, and whose advertising revenues could fall by 5 to 20% by 2015.

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