How to import your contacts into Gmail?

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Importing contacts is an essential function of Gmail: it will allow you to retrieve all the data of your contacts from another email service, but also from your phone's address book.

Before proceeding, you must have exported the original contacts to a file in vCard or CSV (comma-separated values) format.

Import contacts into the Google Contacts app

  1. Access the Contacts app from your Google account by clicking on Applications Google > Contacts, or by clicking directly on this link.

  2. Click on the button Plus to display new options.

  3. Click on Import.

  4. Click on Select a file.

  5. On your disk, select the fichier containing your contacts. It must be in CSV or vCard format. Then click on To choose.

  6. Click on Import.

The app then starts importing your contacts, which should soon appear in the main list. The vCard format is used by Apple's address book: in particular, it allows you toimport contacts from your iPhone.

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