How to find your IMEI number and what is it used for?

Surely you have heard of the IMEI number before. Maybe your carrier even asked you to block your stolen phone. Exactly, let's see what this number is for and especially what is the procedure to follow to obtain it.

How to find your IMEI number and what is it used for?

What is the IMEI?

First of all, IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. Each mobile telephone terminal (GSM or UMTS) has its own IMEI number, made up of a series of 15 to 17 digits. Clearly, this number is the phone's identity card. It is thanks to it that the operator authorizes or not the access of a terminal to its network. Note also that this number allows emergency calls without a SIM card in some countries.

What can be done with the IMEI?

This code allows you to check the origin of a device, to unblock it or, on the contrary, to block it. Yes, each device declared stolen from an operator is found on a blacklist (at least its IMEI number, if it has been communicated). Thereby, you can check if the phone you are buying has been stolen.

The number IMEI also allows you to unlock your phone : if you want to change operator and insert a competitor's SIM card, there is a risk that your current operator will block access, especially if you bought the phone directly from them. Such a smartphone is then said to be “simlocked”. To unlock it, go to the dedicated internet page of your operator's site and follow the instructions displayed. Note that the unlocking is mostly free.

Let us now come to phone theft. When this happens to you, the IMEI number is very useful as it allows the operator to block all use of the phone on each operator's network. Clearly, after having made a report of theft, you will only have to transmit the IMEI number of the stolen phone to the operator and the latter will take care of the rest: the thief may insert a new SIM card, the phone will be unusable on networks.

Yes, a phone's IMEI number can be changed, but doing so is illegal and risky for you and the phone.

How to get my IMEI code?

Now that you know the importance of IMEI number, you are surely wondering how to get it to put it aside. Don't panic, it's relatively simple, especially if you have the phone in question with you. Here are the different solutions to find out the IMEI number of your phone:

  • Type * # 06 # on your phone keypad, as if you wanted to call this number, and the IMEI code will appear
  • The number is available on the cell phone box or on the purchase invoice, if you have not discarded them yet.
  • It is also accessible under the phone battery, good luck if you have a recent phone.
  • You can always call your operator, he will surely have access to the IMEI number
  • The Find My Device application from Google allows, under certain conditions, to know the IMEI number of one of your phones, even if you do not have it in hand

How to find your IMEI number and what is it used for?
These six techniques work with all phones : from entry-level to high-end Android such as the Samsung Galaxy S, including Apple smartphones.

In short, try to note the IMEI number of your phone as soon as it is purchased, and keep it! He might well serve you at some point.

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