How to create a PPS file?

How to create a PPS file?A PPS file is a slide show (PPT extension) whose extension has been changed so that it can be opened independently. To create a PPS file, just create a PPT file and rename it by changing the extension i.e. naming it file.pps instead of file.ppt

How to create a PPS or PPT file?

  • With Microsoft PowerPoint software, paid or
  • With the free and open-source suite

With the free suite

  • Open Office >> Presentation (or "File"> "Assistant"> "Presentation")
  • You choose the settings you want; page 1, 2, 3, click on automatic then Create.
  • At the bottom middle in the new window, click "from file".

(If your photos are in the computer) choose the photo.

  • Then right click on your layout selection, choose insert a slide to put

a second photo and at the bottom click on "from file" etc ...

  • At the end click on "Save as" (in "File" at the top left) of the menu bar.
  • Name your file and it's done !!!

If necessary, rename the downloaded file to .pps

To "see" it in automatic pps, open the file (which is in your documents!) And click on Slideshow! Then, if you want to quickly switch between images, double click on the slideshow!

Note: The .ppsx and .pptx extensions correspond to the same document but created with Microsoft Office 2007.
To open it, you will need a compatibility pack.

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