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It is an unusual request, but for many it makes sense. We are talking about the MP4 to PDF conversion. There are actually two reasons why you may make this request and you may want to convert MP4 to PDF. The first reason is why you want to extrapolate the speech from the video file (mp4) and then save everything in a text document or PDF for sharing or printing. The second reason instead is that you want to create a PDF “presentation” by taking (significant) images from the MP4 video file.

Regardless of the reason that drives you to convert MP4 to PDF, in this article you will find the answers you are looking for. We will divide the article into two parts, based on the scenarios we have mentioned, so that you can immediately try the solution that's right for you.

a) Convert MP4 to PDF with speech extrapolation from video and PDF creation
b) Convert MP4 to PDF with PDF creation from MP4 video images

# 1. Extract text (speech) from video and PDF creation

We already have videos how to convert video to text using software that can transcribe the text present in the videos. This is done thanks to the speech synthesis technology which is a technology that is applied to both audio and video files. To convert MP4 to PDF via this technology there are several programs and also online services.

Among the online services that allow you to do this without installing any software there is Sonix. Here's how to use this service to convert video to PDF easily, quickly and effectively.

Sign up for a free trial account from the official Sonix website. You will be able to convert up to 30 minutes of video to PDF for free. Click on the button at the top right on Try Sonix For Free and create an account. You will also be able to log in using your Google credentials.

Upload your MPEG-4 (* .MP4) video files from your computer. You can also select the video from your cloud account like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Choose the language spoken in the MP4 file. Over 37 languages ​​are supported. Then click the "Start Transcribing Now".

Sonix will automatically start transcribing the audio from your MP4 file and converting it to a PDF file using Artificial Intelligence. It will only take a few minutes to complete the operation. During the transcription process you will see such a screen inviting you to wait until the end.

At the end of the transcription you can use Sonix AudioText Editor to refine the transcription; is an online word processor. Just type in your browser to correct any word before exporting it to a PDF file.

Click the "Export". Select "PDF (.pdf)”From the drop-down menu to download the text version of your MP4 file. That's all! It was simple, wasn't it? Your MP4 file will be converted to a PDF file and saved on your computer! 🎉

#2. Create PDF from images / frames of MP4 video

If you want to create a PDF document using images extracted from the MP4 video, there is a program that can do it automatically. We are talking about the software Video to PDF Converter which you can download for free from the link below.

After installing the program, the following initial window will open.

Using the program is really trivial. The first thing to do is to click on the button Add Video to import the MP4 file you want to convert to PDF. After selecting the video you can decide whether to manually choose the frames (video images) to be used for creating the video or to make this operation automatic.

Regardless of your choice, you can also set a sensitivity level for detecting scenes and frames to be extracted from the video. The lower this value, the greater the number of images that will be captured by the video, and consequently the greater the number of pages that will make up the final PDF.

To start the generation of the PDF, just press at the bottom right on Create PDF. At the end of the operation the PDF will open automatically, and you can view the final result.


How to Convert MP4 to PDF -

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