How to access Device Manager in Windows 10?

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Manage the drivers, check the properties or uninstall a component or device ... To perform all these actions, the easiest way is to go through the Windows 10 device manager.

To know how to configure and secure Windows 10 to perfection, there is no choice but to go through the device manager of the operating system. This tool allows you to check if your hardware is recognized and if it works correctly, to see if your drivers are up to date without having to go through the manufacturer's site, to modify the parameters of components and peripherals, to activate , deactivate or uninstall them ...

Despite its name, the device manager does not only allow the management of peripherals (keyboard, mouse, printer, monitor, gamepad, etc.), it also allows management of many internal components of the PC, such as the processor, the card. graphics, motherboard, network card or even the battery.

Access Device Manager in Windows 10

The procedure is very simple, just follow the guide.

  1. In the search bar at the bottom of the screen (between the "Start" menu and the taskbar shortcuts), type "Gestionnaire de p茅riph茅riques", then click"Gestionnaire de p茅riph茅riques".

  2. You then access the manager window. All you have to do now is choose which component or peripheral you are interested in (in our example, the keyboard), select the hardware and perform the action you want via the shortcut bar or by opening the menu of a right click.

Now you know how to easily access Device Manager. Now, it's your turn to play !

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