Holho: a hologram generator for smartphones

The Kickstarter collaborative funding site is overseeing a new unusual project. This is a range of devices that you can attach to your smartphone or tablet in order to project holographic content. To be launched, the product will still need to obtain a financial contribution of 35 dollars by September 000.

Projecting holograms from your smartphone or tablet, such is the feat achieved by a team of engineers from the Imagination Farm Foundation. The Holho range of accessories, which can generate holographic content from its terminal, will only be released if the project manages to obtain the $ 58 necessary for its launch by September 000 (knowing that $ 24 has already been collected to date). But don't get carried away too quickly, the 28-dimensional images will only be projected in a small space delimited by several screens. We are therefore not quite at the futuristic holograms seen in Star Wars or in the Quantum Code series!

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Among the products offered, we first find a pyramid device for smartphones. The films are divided into 4 separate images, each of which is then reflected on one side of the pyramid to shape the holographic image. The tool can be positioned above or below the smartphone.

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On the same model, the American company Imagination Farm, at the origin of the project, also offers another pyramid device to equip 7 to 10 inch tablets. Or other types of devices such as the Holho Naked, the Holho Zed or the 3-sided Holho pyramid for tablets.

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The most interesting of this innovation seems to lie in the application which allows to convert the user's videos to holographic format. On the other hand, videos should be made on a black background in order to optimize the result of their holographic projection, somewhat limiting the usefulness of this function. Finally, users will a priori still have to get their hands on the wallet to download the holographic films specially created by the developers of the project.

To get these products and to participate in the Holho project count at least 33 dollars. For this amount you will be entitled to the Full Pyramid model for smartphone. Count 47 dollars for the model intended for 7-inch tablets and 60 dollars for that of 10-inch format, with in both cases a video in holographic format included. For the Holho Zed, it will cost you 90 dollars (in 7-inch format), with a video always offered, and 104 dollars for the 10-inch model. The delivery is estimated around the month of November 2013, and it will be necessary to add 15 dollars to the whole for a delivery outside the American territory.

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