Google Home: you can finally adjust the sensitivity of "OK, Google"

This setting, available now in the Google Home app, should prevent all devices in the house from starting to work at the slightest opportunity.

If you have more than one smart speaker or smartphone using Google Assistant, you've probably had to go through this frankly annoying situation where all devices without exception respond to the same voice command.

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Each Google Assistant speaker can be adjusted according to their needs

Google announced last September that it was working on a sensitivity setting, allowing you to adjust listening to each device in the house for a personalized experience.

After several months of work, this option is now available in the Google Home app. All you have to do is go to the settings of each connected device then click on the section dedicated to sensitivity.

It is with a slider that it is possible to adjust the sensitivity of the voice recognition of each speaker or screen connected to the Google account.

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A very practical addition to avoid the hubbub in the house

It is possible, for example, to set the sensitivity to the maximum for a device placed in quiet rooms, such as the bedroom or the bathroom, and which is only used occasionally.

Conversely, the speaker located in the living room, a noisy environment par excellence, will be able to have its sensitivity set to the maximum in order to hear the “OK Google” command through the discussions of family members.

With these different settings, saying the command aloud should no longer trigger the other devices on the other side of the house and create a cacophony.

For now, the feature is only available for English-language devices, but Google is promising support for other languages ​​in the coming weeks.

Source : Android Police

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