Google Chrome will block intrusive advertising windows: you won an iPhone!

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Google Chrome will allow its users to block intrusive advertising windows when browsing the web from January 2018, Google announced in a blog post. Additional features will also prevent other forms of pop-up advertising from opening and should limit hijacking.

Google Chrome will block intrusive pop-up ads that pollute the web. The browser will acquire new protections that will be phased in over the next few months, details Google in a blog post. The most aggressive advertisements and windows that open unexpectedly may soon be a thing of the past. Great news for the 50% of Spaniards who use Google Chrome.

Google Chrome and intrusive pop-ups, it's over

First, Google Chrome will prevent advertisements from redirecting the Internet user to a third-party site without action on his part, ie without having to click on the advertisement himself. When Chrome has obstructed such manipulation, the user will be notified in the toolbar. Then Chrome will tackle a slightly more vicious form of spam advertising. It will block redirects that activate when clicking on a website and redirect to an advertisement when the clicked link opens in a new tab. Google considers this technique to be “a bypass for Chrome's pop-up blocker”. And finally, intrusive advertising windows are targeted, which open when the visitor clicks on an invisible overlay or advertising links hidden under buttons, such as a cross or the play sign on a video player.

The first two changes will come with Chrome 64 and 65. Version 64 is currently in the pre-beta phase. Everyone should be able to benefit from it “in the first months of 2018”, announces Google. The third case, the management of intrusive advertising windows, will be taken care of from January 2018. Google is making its Abusive Experiences Report tool available on November 8, 2017, which will allow websites to know if they are in compliance with its advertising policy . If they are not, Chrome will give them 30 days of respite before blocking windows and tabs from opening from this site.

Google announced in June the addition of an ad blocker to Chrome. This is not the same initiative and Google has no date to communicate yet on the release of its own adblocker.

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