Freebox Revolution: InfoMusic recognition and DLNA rendering server

Free has just announced the integration, among other things, of a music recognition function in the Freebox Revolution.

Integrated music recognition

Free announced this morning, as usual through the dedicated blog but also this time through a press release, the availability of a new function for the Freebox Player. Called InfoMusic, this service based on Music ID from Gracenote identifies the pieces of music that are played through the decoder, on television, on the radio or in a movie or TV series played by the video player.

The ISP is proud to be the first in the world to integrate this technology into a box. From now on, instead of using an application such as Shazam on their smartphone, Freebox Revolution owners will be able to trigger the InfoMusic function directly from the menu button on their remote control. In return, they will have to copy the results by hand before they can share or memorize them.

DLNA render server to simplify content delivery

Freebox Player firmware 1.2.11 also brings, in addition to the usual fixes, two interesting new features. The update ushers in to begin a redesign of the audio CD player.

But above all, the set-top box is now a DLNA rendering server (DMR), whereas until now it was only a player (DMP). Now we can send a video, a photo or a music directly from a server (DMS), such as a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop or even a NAS, without having to navigate in the Freebox Player interface. Enough to simplify the circulation of multimedia content from non-AirPlay devices.

The Freebox Player update 1.2.11 has been available since January 15, 2014 at 10 a.m. To take advantage of it, you have to restart the device as usual.

This is what appears when a DMR is detected by Windows

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