Free Mobile: problems with some SIM cards? (Update)

Update : Univers Freebox has investigated this alleged SIM card concern and, citing "smart card experts", indicates that the two models of SIM cards shipped by Free Mobile would in fact come from two different vendors but would not differ in level. specifications. “Any company wishing to ensure a long-term supply will select 2 sources of suppliers. This also allows better control over the price of SIMs ”explains a source on the site. Another source specifies that the NFC technology is not taken into account either, and that even if it is potentially integrated in the two models of cards which circulate, it is in any case not activated.

Finally, it seems that the compatibility problems mentioned in recent days only occur on very old terminals, and not on more recent models capable of handling said SIMs - whose power requirements vary between 1,8V and 5V, and do not reach the 5,5V previously mentioned. In short, most of the problems encountered by mobile users receiving their SIM card would be linked to the simlocking of their device: in all cases, you must contact Free Mobile customer service to identify the problem.

Initial publication: February 13, 2011 at 10:24 a.m.

By sending two different types of SIM cards, Free Mobile seems to pose difficulties for some mobile users who find themselves unable to use their phone with the new operator. Some see this as the reason why the iPhone 4S is still not offered by Free Mobile.

Some new Free Mobile customers encounter difficulties in making their terminal work on the network: the problem would come from the SIM card sent by the operator. Indeed, as the Free iPhone site points out, Free Mobile would send its customers two types of SIM cards. The operator would have started by sending a batch of "old generation" cards allowing to store about twenty contacts, then would have sent SIM called UICC (Universal Integrated Circuit Card) more efficient - storage of 250 contacts - but more demanding in terms of electric power.

On the left the old SIM, on the right the new one possibly posing a problem (credit: Free iPhone)
Because if the first card works with a 3,3 volts power supply, the second requires a 5,5 volts power supply, and it is obviously this point that seems to be a problem for some terminals. On the forums of many Internet sites, mobile users are noticing difficulties on various terminals operating under different OS, from Android to iOS via WP7 or Symbian. The problems encountered seem varied: some are entitled to an error message indicating an incompatibility, cannot find networks or encounter untimely reboots of their terminal while others, who manage to use their mobile, notice that the battery is draining. empty faster.

Some even speculate that this malfunction could be the cause of the delay in the arrival of the iPhone 4S in the Free Mobile store: the Apple smartphone had indeed been announced with great fanfare by Xavier Niel during of the launch of the 4th operator's offer, but still turns out to be absent subscribers on the Free Mobile site. In addition, the Toosurtoo site adds that a mobile manufacturer, which is not identified, would have confirmed the problem and would work on a fix: “They noted that there was no problem in sending and receiving SMS. , no problem when receiving calls, on the other hand, sending calls would be impossible. "

For its part, Free Mobile offers to exchange SIM cards for customers who encounter difficulties using their terminal. The latter are invited to contact the operator's customer service.

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