Fnac is selling off the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 + Smart Clock Essential pack at -42%

The Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is the new connected alarm clock equipped with a wireless charger. It costs 69,99 euros since its launch last summer, but if you buy it today you will be entitled to an additional Lenovo Smart Clock Essential (worth 49,99 euros).

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The Lenovo Smart Clock 2 on the left and the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential on the right.

Lenovo recently launched a new version of its connected alarm clock with its Smart Clock 2. The latter incorporates the elements of its predecessors, such as the 4-inch screen of the classic model or the night light of the Essential model, but by changing the design and adding an induction base to charge your wireless devices. The price of the product has not yet fallen, but today there is an interesting offer to equip yourself at a lower cost.

What to remember about the Lenovo Smart Clock 2

  • The new design with the speaker all around the screen
  • The induction base for wireless charging
  • Adding the night light

Instead of a total of 119,99 euros, the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 + Lenovo Smart Clock Essential pack is now available in promotion for only 69,99 euros at Fnac. The offer is also available at Boulanger. You just have to add the two products in the basket to benefit from the promotion.

Find the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 + Essential pack at € 69,99 on fnac.com Find the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 + Essential pack at € 69,99 at Boulanger

If, subsequently, the offer mentioned in this article is no longer available, please take a look below to find other offers for the Lenovo Smart Clock 2. The table is updating automatically. 

Where to buy the
Lenovo Smart Clock 2 at the best price?
  • Fnac € 44 Discover the offer
  • Darty 44 € Discover the offer
  • Rakuten Marketplace 68 € Discover the offer
  • Fnac Marketplace € 80 Discover the offer

Even more practical than before

The brand's first connected alarm clock was already very practical, but the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 manages to do even better. For this, the American brand does not promise an enhanced technical sheet or new features for its new product, but simply a redesigned design to offer more possibilities. The fabric now covers the entire device to leave only room for the 4-inch IPS LCD touch screen with a definition of 800 x 480 pixels and, thus, allow better sound distribution.

Designed to find its place in a bedroom, this new Smart Clock comes with a support offering wireless charging via an induction base on the right side, the left side being reserved for the connected alarm clock. You can then charge up to 10 W (or more) your compatible devices, and even those of the Apple thanks to its MagSafe compatibility. A USB-A port is always available to simultaneously charge another device in wired mode. At the base of the Lenovo Smart Clock 2, there is also a night light of only 11 lumens so as not to attack the eyes.

"Ok Google, put an alarm clock at 8 am"

All that being said, this new connected alarm clock performs exactly the same functions as the first model. Google Assistant obviously responds to all voice commands picked up by the long-range digital microphone of the Smart Clock 2. You can then ask it to play music, set a reminder or an alarm, and find out the weather forecast for the day. or even perform routines as per your choice.

The OS being that of Google, it is also possible to cast content from a smartphone or to a TV. As for the interface, it is clean and easy to access, with characters displayed large enough to see information even across the room. In addition, some new features are on the program, such as the ability to configure multiple Google accounts and choose dark mode (like on a smartphone).

Find the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 + Essential pack at € 69,99 on fnac.com Find the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 + Essential pack at € 69,99 at Boulanger

And if you want to know more about the Essential model of the Lenovo Smart Clock, you can read our review by clicking here.

Lenovo Smart Clock 2

Product sheet Available at 44 €

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