Facebook: how to delete your search history

The security of our data has become paramount to many of us. With the help of the various mass surveillance scandals and other hacking, users are increasingly seeking to protect themselves. Social media, for example, is a data well used by brands and even thugs. In fact, 78% of burglars spy on you on Facebook and Twitter. If security settings are supposed to protect your data, you can also delete your search history.

Quick and easy operation allows you to delete your Facebook search history

Each of your actions is recorded by Facebook, including any searches you perform through their dedicated search engine. If Facebook ensures that this history is only accessible by the affected user, some of you will still want to delete it. There is indeed a method to delete all of this history. Here is the procedure to follow, I carried out it myself.

First of all, you must click on the “Personal History” tab located at the bottom right of your cover image (see photo above). Once on the relevant page, you will click on “more” located on the left column just below “comments”. When this is done, click on “search” and you will get your entire search history.

At the very top of the page, you will see the search icon as well as “Clear searches”. As you will have understood, all you have to do is click on it before confirming by clicking again on “Clear searches”. Voila, a quick and easy operation in other words. It is in a way our leitmotif but avoid divulging important personal information on the various social networks. In addition, note that Yahoo has just deleted the identification via Facebook or Google. Are you going to delete your Facebook search history?

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