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Do you want download Free MUSIC on iPhone, Android or directly to your iTunes library? Today with iMusic all this is possible. iMusic is a software available for both PC WIndows and Mac, which can integrate with iTunes and allows the management of your music on any device, both iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) and Android (Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG, Huawei, Nexus, etc ...). In addition to transferring music from PC / Mac to iPhone / Android / iTunes and vice versa, iMusic now also allows the download of your favorite songs, with just one click.

First download the free demo version of iMusic on your PC or Mac:


After downloading and installing the program, the following main program screen will appear. On Windows, for example, you will see this:

iMusic it will automatically detect all the songs you have possibly already saved on iTunes. For download free music on iPhone, Android or iTunes, there are several ways. First of all, connect your device (Android, iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc.) to your computer via USB cable. The device will be immediately recognized by iMusic and you can see it under the "Device" tab of the program:

Return to the program homepage by clicking on the "Get Music”And searches for the desired music tracks. You will also be able to access the playlist section where you can find the most popular music playlists.

After finding the song or playlist, right click and select "Copy URL". Now go to the Download section of the program and paste the URL. Click on DOWNLOAD and the song will automatically download to your iTunes library.

To transfer the downloaded music to your mobile phone (iPhone, Android, Samsung, iPod, etc ...) all I have to do is access the section ITUNES LIBRARY to see all the songs in iTunes

Select the downloaded songs you want to copy to your mobile phone and finally click on the icon corresponding to the function at the top right EXPORTS -> and choose the device to copy to.

In addition to this download mode, iMusic allows you to download free music in another way: click on the "GET MUSIC" tab at the top and then click on the sub-section DOWNLOAD. At this point, the following screen will appear, from which you can access and download music from different sites: Youtube, soundcloud, MTV, Vimeo, Spotify, VEVO, etc.

With this mode you can simply copy the url of a music video and then download the music only. Once downloaded you can transfer it directly to your device.


What are the costs of the application?

  • € 39 + VAT for the lifetime license and free updates

  • I bought IMusic, but I can't transfer the songs to the stick

    • Just connect the key to your PC and then drag and drop the files downloaded from iMusic onto it.

  • how do i download music on iphone

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