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Youtube and Dailymotion in the lead, video broadcasting sites have for several years become gold mines for anyone who wants to post "his" video. And companies have understood this well. Many are those who use "Lip Dub", a clip bringing together all the members of a society singing on a playback. So, simple delirium between colleagues or a real fashion phenomenon? Let's decipher this new trend together.

Silence, it's spinning!

The principle of Lip Dub is easy: bring together all the members of the same company, agency, or even school, university ... in order to make a clip in which these people sing and dance on a playback, in a single shot sequence. The goal ? First, have fun and create a unifying event within a team. But it goes beyond the simple delirium between colleagues. These videos can also be associated with the desire to create buzz around your business. And why not even attract new executives, collaborators or clients!


To make a Lip Dub, nothing could be simpler: the basic element remains the support of your colleagues. Then, a catchy and positive music is de rigueur. And even if everything is done for fun, it should be kept in mind that a minimum of scriptwriting elements must be put in place, in order to give fluidity and dynamism to the whole. Remember that a lip dub is shot in one take (the sequence shot), so you need to be careful with minimal detail.

And because images are always more meaningful than words, discover the Lip Dub of AOL Spain, Hugo Boss, or one of the very first Lip Dub, that of the University of Quebec in Montreal.

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