Delete Whatsapp Account: What Happens? -

Part 1: What Happens When Deleting a WhatsApp Account?

Before proceeding todeleting the WhatsApp account, you need to understand what happens and know that all messages and attachments (photos, audio, video) will be removed. In fact, even if you can reactivate your account in the future (after registering again with the same mobile number) you will no longer be able to automatically recover the WhatsApp chat history (unless you use a professional Whatsapp chat recovery program)

Here What's up exactly when deleting the WhatsApp account:

> Your number is removed from your friends' WhatsApp contact list
> Your phone number is "disconnected" from your WhatsApp account
> You are automatically removed from WhatsApp groups (to which you were subscribed)
> The message history is cleared
> Your Google Drive backup is deleted
> Any chat backups are also removed
> By deleting the account all your data on its Whatsapp servers will also be deleted (at least in theory)
> If you reactivate the same account, the old messages will no longer be visible

Simply put, deleting your WhatsApp account will leave no trace of what was done, just like it never existed!

Delete Whatsapp Account: What Happens? -

How come trying to call a friend on whatsapp (who I think has deleted her account) the message relating to the change of the security code appeared to me?

  • How does the conversation appear by who was in my contacts if I permanently delete the account?
    Is there an option to delete the conversations a contact displays before deleting the account?

    • You cannot delete conversations… they remain stored on your contacts' phone even if you permanently delete the account.

  • but if someone had blocked me, since the account is deleted does it unblock me? and if I reactivate it, do I get stuck?

    • The block remains even if you delete and then reactivate the account because it is always linked to that blocked phone number.

  • If I delete my whatsapp account from my mobile, is there a way to recover old chat conversations?
    Does the email account allow recovery or does it all disappear permanently and after how long? the 30 days?

  • If I delete my account, will it delete the message history FROM my number?
    Is it possible to "delete chat for both" how does it work for telegram?

  • Does the Qr code change by deleting and restoring whatsapp?

  • If I delete the account who had my number will still see and keep the chats?

    • Yes, because those are now saved in the phone's memory.

  • I didn't know there were so many ways to cancel an account… but which one do you recommend in the case of a phone change?

    • The second method is the safest one to permanently remove the account from that phone.

  • Delete Whatsapp Account: What Happens? -

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