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Those who draw graffiti are generally the street artist, the writer, often seen as a vandal who dirties the walls of cities. The fact is that there are few legal spaces where a writer can express himself, therefore the graffiti artist, even a good and established one, can only use every wall that is made available, perhaps in more popular neighborhoods, where the panorama can only be enhanced by a beautiful design.
Graffiti are similar to murals, that is the painting on the wall but they are mostly written.
A quick look at Wikipedia reveals that graffiti has existed since ancient Greece and the Roman Empire (and probably even before).

For graffiti fans and for those who want to try draw murals or colored writings on the computer, here some of the best websites to browse.

1) - Art Crimes should be the largest online archive of street art to find photos of the best graffiti and murals drawn on the walls around the world. You can search for city graffiti in different cities and there is a section that lists the best graffiti sites, by the hundreds.

2) The online mural creator is a site where you can create writings on fake walls, with the text you want, as if it were a real mural. You can choose the font, the type of spray paint used to write on the wall, the color and then generate the image to save.

3) Graffiti Creator it is instead the most famous site concerning the writings on the walls because it is ainteractive web application to pretend to be writers. Who wants disegnare without the risk of being arrested and without wasting paints and spray cans you can put on your computer and use the online graffiti creator. To start, write in the text field, press the Create key and then start moving the edit levers. At the bottom right there are different styles to apply, fonts and colors. This graffiti online tool is also useful because it can be a way to design web banners or logos.

4) Graffiter is the best site in this category, with a really powerful and fun full screen editor. On the page you can choose the photo of a real wall to write on; once chosen, the editor will open to draw and write whatever you want, using paints and characters typical of graffiti and murals, freely, without limitations and with a final image that can be saved in large size. It is therefore possible write on a virtual wall with a spray can and draw freehand, mouse, graffiti or a mural.
In other articles, for those who enjoy drawing web applications, there are sites to create glitter lettering and to paint online and draw freehand.

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