Create a Facebook page: the easy way

Do you want to promote an activity or share a passion? Create a Facebook page, independent of your profile: this will allow you to communicate easily and reach more people on the Web.

Having a Facebook account is practical for chatting with friends, discussing trivial or serious subjects, sharing favorites, following and commenting on the news, telling jokes, in short, having a "social" life from a distance, in digital. But you can use Facebook for less personal and more official purposes, especially if you want to promote a professional, institutional, commercial, craft, associative, humanitarian, cultural, artistic, sporting activity, on behalf of a company, d 'a brand, a shop, a place, a service company, an association or other. How? 'Or' What ? Simply by creating and managing a public page that will allow you to communicate on a large scale to present products, report events or share a passion. You will be able to attract visitors and make yourself known. Don't deprive yourself: not only is it easy, but it's free! 

What is the difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook profile?

There are several differences between a Facebook page and a Facebook profile. First, unlike a profile, which is a private space, a Facebook page is public. Any member of the social network can consult a page while the publications of a profile can only be accessible to certain chosen people. In addition, the content of a Facebook page is referenced by search engines like Google or Bing, while private posts are not indexed and therefore not findable. In addition, a profile can have a maximum of 5 friends while a page can have an unlimited number of subscribers.

More generally, a Facebook profile is intended for an individual - and his circle of friends - while a Facebook page is designed for a legal person (company, brand, personality, organization, association, club, etc. .). The page is therefore more suitable for those who wish to communicate around their activity or their passion. Several customization options are available on a page and it is possible to publish more information than on a profile, in particular contact details (postal address, telephone numbers, website, etc.). In addition, there are many functions for measuring the audience of a page, communicating directly with visitors or even setting up advertising campaigns (paid option).

However, Facebook pages are not reserved only for professionals and other celebrities. Anyone with a Facebook account can create a page for free, whether on behalf of a company or an association or in a personal capacity. Please note, only authorized representatives can manage a page for a brand, a place, an organization or a public figure. Whatever your goal - insofar as it is allowed by the terms of use of Facebook - you can create a page in a few minutes, either on computer, with the web version of Facebook or on phone or tablet, with the mobile application.     

How to create a Facebook page on computer?

The creation of a Facebook page is done from your main account, insofar as you are the administrator.

  • With your usual browser, go to Facebook and identify yourself if you did not automatically log into your account.
  • Once on your profile page, click on the button +, top right.
  • In the menu that appears, click Page.
  • You arrive on the Create a Page page.
  • Now you need to enter several important pieces of information in the Page Information section. First enter a name in the field Page Name (required). Use the name of your company, your brand, your organization, your association or opt for a name that symbolizes your activity.
  • Then indicate in the frame Category (obligatory) up to three categories to describe your activity or the subject of your Facebook page. When you start typing a category in the space provided, a list of suggestions appears to help you select the categories that best match your query.
  • The last frame, Description, is optional. If you wish, write a short presentation (255 characters maximum) of your activity or the purpose of this Facebook page.
  • Click on Create a page once you have finished entering this information.
  • Check the information entered is correct, then click Save. Your Facebook page is now created. A new window showing the Important Next Steps appears. These are the options for customizing your page. You can import images (essential to make your page more attractive!), Write a welcome post, invite friends to like your page or even add a button for visitors.
  • You can perform the requested actions immediately or return to them later. Then click on Close.
  • You arrive on the Facebook page that you have just created. On the left, you will find the different page management tools. You can now post messages, set up advertising campaigns or manage your online store very easily.

How to create a Facebook page on mobile?

Whether you are on Android or iOS (iPhone or iPad), the creation of a page is done from your Facebook account.

  • Open the Facebook application on your mobile and identify yourself if you did not automatically sign in to your account.
  • Press the icon with three horizontal lines located at the top right. In the menu that appears, press the Pages icon with an orange flag.
  • In the next screen, press the button + Create.
  • A small animation starts. Push the button Start.
  • On the next screen, enter the name you want to give to your page fill in the blank field, then press Next.
  • Then choose the categories that best correspond to your activity among the proposals displayed on the buttons (one minimum, three maximum). Use the search box to find more, just typing a few letters. Press on Following.
  • The following steps are optional: you can deal with them immediately or press Ignore to come back to it later.
  • If you want to add an address, type it in the Enter an address or city box. Otherwise, select the I do not want to add an address check box. Press on Next.
  • If you want to mention a website or blog, enter its address (IRL) in the Enter a website field. Otherwise, check the I don't have a website box. Then press Next.

To complete your page and take care of its presentation, it is strongly recommended to add a cover image and a profile photo. Tap the corresponding links to select images from your mobile gallery. Push the button FINISHED when you have finished. You can change these images at any time anyway. Your Facebook page is now created 

  • Facebook invites you to like your page. Click on the button I like if you wish, this will help your page to become known to those around you.
  • A message tells you that there are still steps to personalize your Facebook page. Complete your page creation immediately or come back to it later.
  • Your page is now activated and you have the various tools you need to manage it., All you have to do is make it known and animate it!
Create a Facebook page: the easy way

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