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Almost all mobile devices Huawei they run on the Android platform and almost all of them offer a native backup service that Android doesn't offer yet. Few people pay attention to this backup function, until they decide to switch to another device and transfer the data from the Huawei device to the new one. For example, if you are switching from a Huawei mobile phone to an iOS device (iPhone or iPad), you can in fact refer to the Huawei phone management tool called 'HiSuite'. It is a free backup service that saves all your contacts, calendars, messages, multimedia files and other information on your computer. Once the data is saved on the computer, it must be transferred to the new iPhone. However, this process does not always work and in addition to being complex, in many cases it causes data loss and / or its non-transfer to the new device.

To avoid wasting time and valuable data, however, it is advisable to use one professional tool of third parties. Below we report two: the first is called dr.Fone Switch and the second is called MobileTrans. They are capable of transfer data from iPhone to Huawei, and vice versa transfer sms, contacts, photos, calendars, notes, etc .. da Huawei an iPhone 12/11 / X / 8/7/6/6 Plus / 5s / 5 / 4s. These programs not only allow you to backup and restore data, but are also capable of transferring all data (contacts, messages, call logs, photos, music, videos and applications) in a manner DIRECT between iPhone, Android devices (eg Huawei) and Nokia (Symbian).

# 1. Copy data from Huawei to iPhone with dr.Fone

First download and install the program dr.fone on your Windows PC or Mac from the buttons below:


Launch the program and this splash screen will open:

To access the "Switch" function, that is the function that allows you to transfer data between two mobile phones, click on the "Phone Transfer"

Here is the new window that will open:

Now you just have to connect the two phones to the computer via USB. Connect the Huawei first. On it you will be asked to activate the USB debugging (if you do not know how to do it, look at the graphic instructions on the program. In practice you will have to go to Settings -> Phone Info -> click 7 times on Build Number. This will activate the Developer Options menu in Phone Settings. Access this new menu and you can first activate "Developer Options" and then the "USB Debugging" mode)

Then connect the iPhone as well.

From the center of the program you can finally select the data to be transferred (photos, messages, videos, calendar, calls, music, etc ...) and start the copy by clicking on "Start Transfer". Copying data from Huawei to iPhone will happen in minutes.

#2. Copy data from Huawei to iPhone with Mobiletrans

Here is the link to download and install Mobiletrans on Windows PC or Mac


Now let's see how MobileTrans works to do the backup and restore data of the Huawei device.

> To backup Huawei device data: from the Mobiletrans home screen, click on the "Phone backup鈥滱nd from the window that opens you can choose the data to save. Once selected, click on "Start Copy"

> Restore files from computer to Huawei: from the program's initial screen, click on "Restore from backup". Select the backup file from the drop-down menu. The list of data that can be restored on the phone will appear: select the desired ones and click on "Start Copy".

Tip: MobileTrans is able not only to restore data from the backup created by it, but also able to restore data from backups created with other software, such as iTunes and BlackBerry Desktop Suite.

How to Copy Data from Huawei to iPhone Directly

Now let's see, again through MobileTrans, how to transfer files directly from Huawei to iPhone. First of all connect the two phones to the computer and select the mode "data transfer from mobile to mobile" on the right of the home screen. The two mobiles will be displayed in the program interface, one on the left (source phone) and the other on the right (target phone).

To reverse their position you can click on "Flip".

Select the data you want to transfer and finally click on "Start Copy鈥漈o start the transfer.


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