Connect a Wii to your TV and projector

In recent months, we have been wondering about the question of connecting a Wii to a television and a projector, as part of a home installation. This, in two configurations: with and without audio / video amplifier.

Note that we have chosen to use the component cable (YUV) sold as an option for the Wii because it significantly improves the quality of the video stream. Don't expect a miracle, however. The signal passing through is 480p or 576i and it is displayed on a 720p or 1080p broadcaster. It is not beautiful no matter what. Another clarification. The idea here is to get to connect your Wii to your projector and TV, while having the console positioned under the TV and the projector at the back of the room.



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With audio video amplifier

It's the simplest case. We have taken our diagram of the news "TV, PC, console: better connecting your audio system" and added the Wii.

The audio and video signals from the Wii enter the amplifier. They are redirected to the speakers for the sound part and to the HDMI projector for the image. Passing the video signal from a YUV input to an HDMI output is quite possible and the amplifier can even, in the process, perform a scaling (if it is equipped with this function) so that the image is sent in the correct format for the projector (720p, 1080p).

Without audio video amplifier

There, it is a little more muscular without being too complicated. Several problems arise. It is necessary to be able to recover the sound somewhere (the projectors are generally without speakers) and the projector is far from the console. In addition, we have a speaker kit that ideally we would like to output the sound to. All this while disconnecting the minimum number of cables when going from the TV installation to the video projector.

The Wii is on the left. Its YUV audio video cable can be completely connected to the TV (for playing on a small screen) or split into two. On the one hand, the audio will connect directly to the TV or the speaker kit. On the other hand, the video is connected to the projector using a YUV extension cable of good length.

If you are lucky enough to find a male / female YUV extension cord: fine. Otherwise, use (as in the diagram above) an RCA female / female adapter and a male / male YUV extension. Why connect the audio to the TV and then go out to the optical speaker kit? In this case, the reason comes from the absence of RCA connectors on the 5.1 kit. The trick is to use the RCA audio input on the TV, then exit through the optical socket and connect to the speaker kit. Problem: you have to have the TV on when you play on the projector and it's not green at all.

Conclusion and choice of cable

Regarding the choice of cable, we went for the cheapest: around 5 euros for 15 meters. We tried the edit last night and it works very well: no complaints about the image. Please note that the signal sent by the Wii is 480p. If the image were degraded by transport, it would be difficult to identify it since anyway it is strongly stretched afterwards to be displayed in Full HD on the projector.

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