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The format PDF is the most stable and popular format to read any document on any device or view any image without loss of quality. PDF converters (or PDF Converter) are those applications that allow you to convert any type of file into a PDF document or vice versa. Using a particular PDF converter, not only can you convert a text, doc, xls file to a PDF format, but you can also convert a PDF file to Word, PowerPoint, image or spreadsheet (excel) document.

The interesting thing about these PDF converters is that most of them can be used to transform Microsoft Office documents, Google documents, iWork and even web pages into PDF format. Likewise, you can convert PDF files into any image format (.jpeg, .png, .gif and .tiff). Some of them are also capable of merging two or more PDF files or organizing the pages of the PDF file. Many applications also support Dropbox, so you can easily transfer files to your dropbox account.

If you are looking for a PDF Converter per iPhone e iPad, below we have listed the best apps in this area.

1. PDFelement for iOS

As a professional PDF Converter, PDFelement for iOS is designed to convert PDF files to different formats on both iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices. The files before conversion can also be edited and customized.

Vote: 9/10

2. File Converter

3. PDF it All

4. PDF Export Lite

5. PDF Converter Pro

Best PDF Converter for iPhone and iPad -

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