Apple TV is available on all Android TV devices (well almost)

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Apple has decided to make its Apple TV app available on more screens. As a result, its platform - which provides access to the SVoD Apple TV + service and to fee-for-service purchases and rentals - is coming to Android TV devices.

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In a tweet published on June 1, Apple formalizes a trend that is already very noticeable: its Apple TV streaming video service is now available on Android TV devices. Not all, unfortunately, but the vast majority of boxes and televisions running Android TV 8.0 (Oreo) and higher are affected. This is particularly the case with Shield TV from Nvidia, Mi Box from Xiaomi or even Android TV televisions marketed by brands such as Sony, Philips or TCL.

Introducing a new member to our streaming roster. The Apple TV app is now available on #AndroidTV devices.

— Apple TV (@AppleTV) June 1, 2021

On the other hand, Apple TV will not automatically appear on box operators running Android TV. Indeed, Internet service providers like to keep control of their ecosystems even if they choose the Google OS to animate their TV boxes. Whether you are a user of a Freebox Mini 4K, a Freebox Pop, a Miami Bbox or even a 4K Bbox, you will not immediately see the Apple TV application appear. Nothing is planned, either, for smartphones and tablets running on the mobile version of Android. Indeed, still no Apple TV in sight on the Play Store.

However, Apple understood that it could not succeed in effectively growing the Apple TV + subscriber base in the long term without opening its video platform to new screens. Especially since if the firm continues to distribute free access to buyers of its devices, it comes up against customers who also like to watch movies and series on their televisions without necessarily having an Apple TV box. This is why Apple has no other choice but to forge partnerships with Google or with TV manufacturers (Samsung in particular, Apple TV has been available for a while under Tizen OS).

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Small technical details, Apple TV under Android TV supports 4K, HDR and Dolby Atmos on compatible boxes (this is the case of Shield TVs), and gives access to both the Apple TV + SVoD service and the catalog of content that can be rented and purchased individually. It is even possible to use Google Assistant to search within the application.

Apple TV

Apple TV is the SVOD streaming offer from the Apple company. It is available not only on Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac), but also on Android TV and on home game consoles.

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