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Whatsapp Migrator is the name of the app for Android devices, downloadable from Google Play, which allows (although not with little difficulty) to transfer whatsapp chats from a device (which can be an iOS or Android device) to another Android mobile phone. The main problems of Whatsapp Migrator are essentially 2:

1. Before using Whatsapp Migrator there are several manual steps that need to be done, including extrapolation and saving of chats from the old device to your computer, downloading and installing a program that can read this backup file created etc ...

2. Whatsapp Migrator allows you to bring back on the Android device only the text chats and not all the files attached to the chats (photos, videos, audio, etc ...).

These two "limitations" for many are really blockers. This is why in this article we want to report the best alternativa a Whatsapp Migrator. We are talking about WhatsApp Transfer, which is not an app to download on your smartphone / tablet, but is a software for PC and Mac. Once you have installed this software on your computer, you simply need to connect the two phones (the source and the destination one) and start copying of Whatsapp chats and attachments.

It is clear that with Whatsapp Transfer you will be able to complete the entire process of transferring and copying Whatsapp data in 10 minutes. On the contrary, with Whatsapp Migrator, if all goes well, it takes hours and hours of "hard work".

The data securityi: with Whatsapp Transfer, whatsapp data are only read and copied. With Whatsapp Migrator, on the other hand, being a manual operation, a small error is enough to DEFINITELY delete all chats or to make the created backup unusable.

WhatsApp Transfer is agolable in a free demo version, with which you can understand how it works and transfer some whatsapp chats. It supports copying whatsapp data from iPhone to another iPhone, from iPhone to an Android mobile phone (eg. Sony Xperia, HTC, LG G3 / G4, Samsung Galaxy S6 / S7 / S8 / S9 / S10 / S20 / S21, Nexus One, etc ..), from Android to another Android, from Android to iPhone, from iPhone to PC / Mac, from Android to PC / Mac.

The full version of Whatsapp Transfer costs about € 25 including VAT, and the license has neither time limits, nor usage limits.

What are you waiting for? Download, install and use this new and valid now alternativa a Whatsapp Migrator!

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Good morning,
if there are already whatsapp chats on the Android phone, will they be overwritten and deleted?

  • No, they are not overwritten ..

  • good evening, but what if the phone was a microsoft? how do i transfer from microsoft to android? Thanks 🙂

    • Unfortunately there is no way.

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