AirPods Pro and AirPods 2: Apple's wireless headphones at shock prices for Single Day AliExpress

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Take advantage of Single Day to benefit from a crazy price on the essential Apple AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro headphones.

Apple offers on promotion at AliExpress

  • Apple AirPods Pro at € 169 instead of € 209
  • Apple AirPods 2 at 99 € instead of 129 €
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AirPods are probably the best-known wireless headphones on the planet and the best-selling today. Apple has everyone agreeing with products that are childishly easy to use but also very impressive audio quality compared to their tiny size.

Like any Apple product, price is a drag. This is why AliExpress allows you on the occasion of Single Day to take advantage of a few tens of euros of reduction both on AirPods 2 but also on AirPods Pro and their famous active noise reduction system.

Apple AirPods Pro at an unprecedented price!

The AirPods Pro are therefore the most advanced version of Apple's true wireless headphones. Equipped with tips, these in-ear accessories are placed in the ear canal and accompany you both in your comings and goings but also in your training and exercises thanks to their resistance to water and perspiration.

See the Apple AirPods Pro offer for 169 € on AliExpress

They benefit from a noise reduction system that allows you to cover the ambient sounds to enjoy your music. You can also switch them with a simple press of the touch shafts in Transparency mode to hear again what is going on around you and continue a conversation without removing the headphones.

Finally, they allow you to activate, on iPhone, iPad but also Macs and Apple TVs, Dolby Atmos spatial sound with spatialization of each element that makes up your song for a transfigured listening experience. Their autonomy of 24 hours by accumulating the battery of the box make them essential companions on each of your trips.

To benefit from the lowest price during the Single Day, simply type the promo code FRAPPLE40 or SDFRN067 to benefit from a 40 € reduction on the amount of your order.

Apple AirPods 2 headphones for less than 100 €

The AirPods 2 are also taking advantage of this great day of promotions and you can enjoy all their advantages with a price below 100 €.

See the Apple AirPods 2 offer for 99 € on AliExpress

These true wireless earphones in button format sit in the hollow of your ears, without going inside for those who do not appreciate models with silicone tips. Their stem is tactile, and tapping them once or twice allows you to pause your music, take a call or play a song. The "Hey Siri" voice command is also there to call up Apple's voice assistant and send a message or turn on the living room lights with a single command.

With 24 hours of battery life in total and 5 hours of listening time on a charge, AirPods 2 follow you wherever you go and allow you to listen to your music and podcasts with satisfactory sound quality for all musical genres. And all without wires and with an extremely simple configuration. Open your case, equip yourself with headphones, they are already connected to your device.

To benefit from the price of 99 €, you will again have to enter the promo code FRBON30, which allows you to obtain an immediate reduction of 30 € on your purchase.

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