3D models of the human body to draw or paint

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The artistic drawing, the subject of this article, this time is not the digital one to be done online with the help of web applications that transform the mouse into a brush to draw on the screen freehand but the drawing made with a pencil on a sheet of paper from true professionals, painters and draftsmen.
Far from being an expert in pictorial art, however, I wanted to report a website where you can see 3D models of the human body in different positions, suitable for those who want to practice drawing human figures with a pencil on a sheet.

Probably this website can also be interesting for those who do not draw to see the human body from all its angles with a very pleasant visual effect. The figures look the same as in VisibleBody and the 3D human anatomy sites on the internet complete with explanations and interactivity.

Quickposes instead it is not an interactive web application but a collection of images where a part of the human being or the whole figure appears, and you can turn it around as you like. The stated goal of the site is to give a support to designers so that they can have a model to copy. The figures that can be seen are of all types, with 3D models that take positions in motion: man running, sitting, standing, walking, jumping, dancing, staggering, despairing, in position of reflection or meditation and so on. In the Tools section there are several other ways to view details like hands, feet or to browse randomly chosen shapes. Each part of the body that is seen in detail takes different poses. I think it can be a very useful resource for those who paint and draw so they can copy the model and have a visual reference, without having to buy a mannequin or pay a real model or model to have her pose motionless.

NOTE: It is possible to find all 3D anatomy models also on Google, virtually every human organ, as explained in the guide on how find augmented reality models

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