Free and open source 2D Cad drawing program: LibreCAD

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Everyone who works with CAD drawing (Computer Aided Design) should know that they are not forced (barring business needs) to use the big, expensive Autodesk Autocad program. For the uninitiated, CAD drawing is used for engineering, architecture, graphics and mechanical parts designs.

The opensource community has moved to release a free program that acts as a CAD client for 2D technical drawing. What used to be called CADuntu, has been renamed in FreeCAD (based on QCad) and is available not only for Linux but also for Mac and Windows.

I am not a CAD drawing expert but the client FreeCAD it looks like a fairly advanced program that allows you to control levels and complex voice selection processes. The experts will then be able to have their say and better evaluate this software which, however, I repeat, is free for everyone, even for commercial use.
It is based on QCad e it can be downloaded from the SourceForge website for Windows and Mac or from Softpedia for Mac only.
For Linux instead

Users who already work with Autocad or other computer drawing programs should not find it difficult to find their way around with LibreCad which is also available in your language. There is a basic tools menu on the left, layer options at the top, and black drawing space with small guide points. All the typical functions of 2D CAD drawing can be found in the menu bar. There are options for switching between views, selection and editing tools, drawing options, sizing and information tools, layering and locking options.
Layer support is vital for creating detailed models and for keeping large sets of information separate. The selection tools are advanced enough to allow for complex selection. Below the drawing is a command line, which allows you to enter the parameters and information required by the CAD drawing.

LibreCAD can be used for all 2D architectural engineering drawings, for drawing mechanical parts, for construction, simulation, interior design, for creative design and for creating diagrams.

I think it is important to know that the files are saved in DXF format (format supported by Autocad) and which can be exported to a number of image formats, such as JPG or PNG. This means that when working with LibreCad, drawings can be sent to clients or co-workers as image files, without the need for recipients to have LibreCad installed. There is no support for Autocad's native format, DWG.

A program that opens DWGs and it's free (for personal use only) for Windows, Mac and Linux it is DraftSight which allows you to create and open DWG files.

Finally, I remember, referring to another article, that it is also possible convert AutoCAD (DWG) drawings to PDF files.

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