3 websites and internet software to create your mobile application

3 websites and internet software to create your mobile applicationAccording to an Ericsson study, in 2009, data traffic exchanged by mobile exceeded that of oral exchanges. The place taken by applications tends to endorse the idea that the future of the Internet passes through smartphones. Now is the right time to develop your own applications. Today there are many sites and platforms allowing you to give substance to your project. Presentation of some sites likely to provide you with the perfect tools to carry out your application.

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Mobile roadie for Iphone and Android

The site now offers 3 distinct versions of its platform for creating and managing iPhone and Android applications:

  • the Core version. 499 € then 29 € per month. The process takes place online through a fairly clear interface. You can completely define your skin (logo, wallpaper) and integrate content from your blog or your site via RSS feeds or simply use the service's CMS. Mobile Roadie also allows you to interface your page with many media and social networks, always with the same simplicity.
  • the Plus version. 999 € then 49 € per month. More complete than the previous one, it offers more technical features and almost three times more authorized installations.
  • the Pro version. The latter is much more expensive. Count € 1.999 for the installation and then € 99 per month or a fixed price of € 5K per year. Note, however, that it offers even more creative control than previous versions: users have access to even more customization options, can customize the application menu and use the horizontal display.

You are free to determine if your application is free or paid, to define the sale price. It is also possible to establish restrictions in the countries of access, which can be practical in terms of rights management.
Once the creation process is complete, your application is submitted for validation by Apple. The waiting period is 3 weeks maximum. Finally, don't forget that you must donate 10% of the income generated if your application is paid.
To find out more, visit the Mobile roadie website

App inventor de Google

In line with Google Apps and the company's choices to decompartmentalize the use of Android, App Inventor is a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) creation software for free access. After registration on the site (for the moment in closed beta), the software is in the form of a puzzle with assembly blocks to fit together (buttons, text areas, images, sounds, geolocation, selection of contacts or telephone numbers, access to a database).
Directly, from a web interface and in all simplicity, the novice user is able to create his project then drag and drop several types of elements such as buttons, drop-down menus or icons. The operation is quite intuitive even if it requires some improvements.
The range of options available is impressive: from the font to the background color through the various media insertions, App Inventor also has the advantage of including an emulator. No need to have a smartphone at hand! Once the project is completed, all you have to do is export it locally or directly to an Android smartphone connected by a USB port.
Find out more on the subject.

Ovi App Wizard de Nokia

App Wizard for OVI is a service provided by Nokia. It allows the Internet user to bring to life an application dedicated to the news of their site, blog or social network - in four steps. It is childish to use. Once an account has been created, the first two steps consist in entering the addresses of the RSS feeds of the sites (four at most) and in personalizing the application-type (name, logo, colors, etc.).
The user can then insert advertising in partnership with two mobile networks, on condition of proving that the content belongs to him. The fourth is just to enter the descriptions for the Ovi Store, then publish it.
It is then validated within 24 hours. Once the application is on the Ovi Store, its visit and download statistics are available on the site. It will be instantly compatible with more than four million Nokia mobiles. Interesting in form; the fact remains that the Nokia site is limited to the creation of RSS feed readers and does not offer the profusion of its competitors.

Among these sites, you will surely find the right tool to create the desired application. Weigh the pros and cons. Compatibility and operating system should guide your choice. Especially since the investment can be expensive and must correspond to the intended use: do you want restricted use for your business? Would you like to make it a medium-term marketable product or something useful to your customers? But if you feel that your project requires a real developer, you can take a look at Applimakers, a new directory of iPhone application developers in Spain.

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