YouTube: a trick allows you to remove ads from videos

A strange bug allows Youtube to enjoy the platform without any advertising - without you having to install an “adblock”. All you need to do is insert a single period in the URL. The bug affects the desktop version of the site.

A very strange bug has just been discovered in the desktop version of YouTube. If you are not a Premium subscriber and you drag a point to a specific place in the URL, you will be able to view all the videos on the platform without seeing any advertising.

Concretely, if you consult the video via a classic address ( you will be entitled to a commercial break. Whereas if you add a period just after “.com”, Youtube will not show you one (

YouTube: no more advertisements in videos, “that's it”

As one editor, u / unicorn4sale explains, “sites forget to normalize their domain name, suddenly the content is always delivered as if nothing had happened, but the domain name does not match which prevents cookies to work and break CORS - but many big sites use a different domain name for advertisements ”.

And to add that the advertising system consults "a white list" to know whether or not it should send advertising on a particular domain name. A list in which the domain names “do not contain the extra period”. As disarming as it is this trick is not new and would also work on other sites with ads or paywalls.

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The trick doesn't work on the mobile version of YouTube, but if you view it from Chrome, Firefox or Safari, you can ask to display the site in a desktop version - which will allow you to tune your URLs “to the point”. While waiting for Google to correct all this which will not be long ...

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