Whirlpool presents its microwave oven / extractor hood AVM 970 IX

Many manufacturers have developed hybrid household appliances to meet the constraints imposed by small spaces. Whirlpool follows this trend with the AVM 970 IX microwave oven which accommodates an extractor hood.

Whirlpool AVM 970 IX Introductory price € 679

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In the world of household appliances, one of the solutions to save space is to combine the functions of two devices in a single frame, the best example being washer-dryers. However, some combinations are more surprising, like the combination of an oven and a dishwasher on the Candy Duo 609 X.

Rather, the Whirlpool AVM 970 IX falls into this second category. Indeed, the base of this built-in microwave oven is made up of an extractor hood. The appliance must therefore be placed high up and above the cooking zone for it to be fully operational. Despite the horizontal handle that adorns the front of the oven, it is indeed a swivel and not a drop-down which could have handicapped the smallest users. But that the latter do not rejoice too quickly; the control panel is placed above the famous door and it may therefore be a bit acrobatic for them to adjust the device to heat the morning cup of latte.

Le four micro-ondes Whirlpool AVM 970 IX. © Whirlpool.

The Whirlpool AVM 970 IX microwave oven is a solo model, without grill or resistance. It is therefore difficult to brown a pizza or grill the skin of the chicken with this model which is intended more for defrosting and reheating food and drinks. The data sheet indicates a maximum power of 750 W, which is more than enough for this type of product. Little evolved, it only embeds an automatic program dedicated to defrosting. The manual program offers a choice of four power levels (160 W, 350 W, 500 W and 750 W) which must be selected using the physical buttons on the control panel, also used to set a cooking time. An electronic segment display informs the user about the various settings. 

The (small) cavity of the Whirlpool AVM 970 IX has a volume of 22 l and accommodates a small turntable 25 cm in diameter. Be careful with larger dishes which may therefore scrape against the walls of the muffle during cooking.

The hood is also very simple. Due to the configuration of the device, it is not possible to install it in evacuation mode. According to the technical sheet, the maximum suction power (out of three) does not exceed 360 m³ / h, which is sufficient for a room of 14 m² if one relies on Falmec's advice on the choice of an extractor hood. . Obviously, this does not benefit from any particular technology, such as a boost mode which considerably increases the suction capacity for a short time, the connection to a hob of the Miele DA 7078 D Aura 3.0 or even automatic power adaptation according to the fumes or vapors given off on the Bosch 8 Series DWF97RV60. Still according to the manufacturer, at maximum speed, the sound level exceeds 63 dB (A), which can be annoying during prolonged use, especially in a small area like the one for which this device is intended.

The Whirlpool AVM 970 IX microwave oven / extractor hood is already available for € 679.

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