Spam: you will soon be able to block users on Google Drive

Google updates its file sharing tool by giving the possibility to block a user who is a little too intrusive on Drive. The update should take another ten days before being deployed everywhere.

Google Drive

If you use it in your professional life, you will certainly agree: Google Drive is a tool that knows how to be practical and which is difficult to criticize badly. Except that some users have repeatedly complained about spam issues.

Spam on Google Drive?

The idea is simple: if someone knows your email address, that person can literally fill your Drive with files and folders of all kinds. If your space devoted to files "shared with you" looks like a big mess, it may be because you have been the victim of it.

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So, of course, we can delete these files, but because of the way Drive is built, we can still have to fall back on them. Because this action only removes them from the "Shared with me" folder. They can therefore reappear in the light of a search in the drive, and even be suggested by Drive, which can quickly become annoying.

A new option

To remedy this, Google has implemented a new option for Google Drive: the ability to block users. A blocked user will no longer be able to share files with you. The files he or she has shared with you will no longer be visible in the "Shared with you" folder or in searches. In addition, the blocked person will no longer have access to your shared folders.

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Note that if you have a colleague who tends to compulsively share files on Drive, you will not be able to block him or her. Indeed, blocking is not authorized for a person belonging to the same domain as you.

Beyond the practical aspect of this new functionality, it also offers a little more security in the management of the service. It will now be easier to block a malicious user, for example.

Google Drive

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If you ran into your Drive to block Patrick78, who has been sending you the same Excel table over and over again for 4 years, you may not have found this new feature right away. It has in fact been deployed since July 22. Google says it will take 15 days for all users to benefit.

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