Software of the week: I easily watch and download replay TV shows

The Captvty software is a free and handy little software that allows you to watch TV shows live or in replay, free of charge on a PC and legally.

Software of the week: I easily watch and download replay TV shows

While awaiting the arrival of Salto in Spain, there is not really a practical service bringing together all the television channel replay services, especially on computers. This is precisely what the free Captvty software offers that I recommend to you today! This software is available on Windows. For Linux and MacOS it will be necessary to go through emulation systems.

Download Captvty

It is legal

Let's start by indicating that Captvty allows access to content uploaded and made accessible by television channels and, as such, it is perfectly legal software with regard to Spanish and European legalizations, such as the official website of the software specifies.

Direct or replay in one click!

Captvty is one of those pieces of software that gets to the point. The interface may seem austere if you're used to Molotov or Netflix, but it's actually pretty straightforward.

From the start, you have a list of the main French-speaking channels from TF1 to M6 via LCI, BFM, SpainInfo, Spain24 or even Bein Sports and RMC. A click on one of the channels gives access to the list of contents in chronological order. It is possible to filter them by headings, according to the headings offered by the channel.

Software of the week: I easily watch and download replay TV shows

Captvty allows you to watch content with a built-in video player

Here again, it is very simple, a double click on the name of a program starts the download in the desired quality, while a right click allows you to directly watch the streaming video. Captvty also offers to watch live channels. To do this, all you have to do is right click on the name of a channel and choose to watch it live, again something quite simple to learn.

Options to go further

If the essential functions of the software are well highlighted, Captvty also offers advanced options. The application includes, for example, the one-click possibility of converting downloaded videos into a format more easily readable by video players on smartphones.

You can also configure the interface to suit your needs: play streaming programs by default rather than download them, or save the appropriate quality choice for your internet connection, for example by limiting downloads to 720p.

The DRM limit

Unfortunately, Captvty sometimes shows its limits with certain content prohibited from broadcasting, because protected by DRM. This is particularly the case of season 11 of Top Chef which started in February 2020 on M6 and which can not be downloaded or viewed by the software. This is the only exception I have come across in several years of use.

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