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Many customers contact us asking for help following the cancellation of telephone numbers saved on your own iPhone. There are usually 2 types of phone numbers that can be accidentally deleted:

1. Telephone numbers of the address book (more commonly called "Contacts" of the address book)
2. Telephone numbers present in the "call log”Of the iPhone and which stores the calls received, missed and made

Both types are very important and their removal can mean the loss of a "contact" and the inability to get in touch with him again. Fortunately, in these situations there are some software tools that come to the rescue. Below we will point out two excellent programs that allow you to recover deleted numbers on iPhone, even after a long time.

Solution # 1: Recover iPhone Phone Numbers with dr.Fone iOS is a professional program specially designed to recover deleted data from iPhone (and any other mobile device). To understand if the lost phone numbers are still recoverable just download and try the free demo version of this program. The demo version in fact allows you to understand if the searched data (in this case "telephone numbers") are still recoverable, and only in the latter case then proceed with the purchase of the license.

Guide: How to Recover Deleted Phone Numbers from iPhone

Step 1. Download, install and launch dr.fone iOS on your computer (Windows or Mac)

Here are the download links for this free demo version. This demo version allows you to scan the memory and understand if the deleted numbers are still in memory somewhere

After installing the program you will see a main interface like this:

Step 2. Choose the recovery mode

In the main interface there are all the functions of the program. In our case you have to click on the "Data Recovery" function. After clicking on this form, a screen like this will open:

From the left of this screen, try to choose between three different recovery modes: that from iTunes backup file (this file will surely be present on your computer if you have synchronized your iPhone with iTunes at least once), from iCloud backup file and that direct from your iPhone's internal memory. Let's see in detail all these recovery methods:

Direct recovery from iPhone memory

Before selecting this mode, you need to connect the iPhone to the computer. The program will immediately detect it and you will see a screen like the one below:

In the case of a recent iPhone, all you have to do is click on START SCAN. Once this is done, the scan will start automatically

Backup Recovery (iTunes or iCloud)

In the case of backup recovery, there is no need to connect the iPhone to the computer. In fact, after choosing this recovery mode, dr.Fone will automatically search for all the backup files on your computer and list them in a list:

Just select the backup file and click on "Start Scan”To start extracting data from the backup

Step 3. Recover Deleted Phone Numbers from iPhone

After the scan you will see all the files divided by type, in the software screen, as seen in the figure below:

To retrieve the telephone numbers present in the "Call log" click on the left on the folder "CALL TIMES".

To retrieve the telephone numbers from your address book, click on "CONTACTS".

In both cases you can select all the phone numbers to recover or only those deleted and still recoverable (highlighted in orange). To save, just click on "RECOVER".

That's all! The recovery of telephone numbers can be done by saving them on the computer (in a text file) or it can be done directly on the iOS device (useful function if you want to return those numbers among the contacts in your address book)

Solution # 2: Recover iPhone Phone Numbers with FoneLab

If with dr.Fone you have failed to recover lost numbers from your iPhone then we recommend that you try FoneLab. It is a program with a powerful data recovery engine for iOS devices. Unlike dr Fone, FoneLab has fewer features but on the other hand has a very powerful data recovery function that can recover information that has been deleted for some time.

To get started download and install FoneLab for iOS on your Windows or macOS PC from the buttons below


Here is the main screen you will see after installation

Connect your iPhone to PC / Mac via USB cable and as soon as it is recognized by FoneLab press the button Start Scan>. Wait for the scan to finish and at the end you will see a screen with all the data found divided by category (Contacts, WhatsApp, Videos, Photos, Call Log, SMS Messages, etc ..).

At this point, access the section Contacts or to the section Call Log to see if the numbers you are looking for have been found. You should see in red all those numbers that were deleted but are still recoverable. If the program has found them, you can select them and then press the "Recovery". The data can be saved on your computer in text format or in HTML format.

For both dr.Fone and FoneLab, the "Recovery" button is activated only with the purchase of the program license. However, the fact that the demo allows you to check in advance for the presence of the data you are looking for is a great way to avoid making a wrong purchase. These two software are currently the most effective ones for trying to restore phone numbers, photo contacts or messages deleted by mistake from the device. Speaking of photos, check out our guide on how to recover photos on iPhone as well.

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