Protect a folder on a smartphone

To avoid giving access to sensitive files, you can protect them, even on your Android smartphone.

(CCM) - Public chat Android, nothing is really planned by default to secure access to folders or files. If that can be a problem when you lend your smartphone for example. We then give potential access to the most sensitive files. Solutions exist, they are easy to install.

By default, Android does not offer any powerful tool to lock access to certain folders on the phone. You have to turn to a dedicated application. Many are available on the Play Store. To protect sensitive data, the file manager ES File Explorer is quite efficient. In addition to offering document management - such as copying or deleting - the tool offers the possibility of protecting a file with a password. In the application menu, select “Local” then “Peripheral”. Existing registered records are reviewed. The "Plus" icon symbolized by three squares then allows you toenable encryption command. Just set and confirm a password to lock the folder. Protected folders will appear with a padlock icon.

Alternatively, use the solution installed by the device manufacturer. Some models like those of Samsung include a safe, the content of which will only be visible to the owner. Everything then goes through the creation of a Samsung Cloud account. Once this step is completed, you can access the section Lock / Security screen, then Secure folder in Settings. You must activate the Secure Folder View option, then define a locking mode and, finally, place the sensitive files in this now encrypted and locked folder. The process for protecting folders is similar for most other brands of Android smartphones.

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