Netflix: How to Delete a Movie or Series from “Resume Playing” History on Android

Netflix announces that users of the Android app will soon be able to delete movies or series from their “Resume Playing” history. This functionality, which is being tested on a small number of accounts, will soon be deployed and accessible to all.

Netflix: How to Delete a Movie or Series from “Resume Playing” History on Android

After the availability of Netflix on the Freebox Mini 4K, the American streaming giant announced this Monday, December 2 the arrival of a welcome feature on the Android application: the possibility of removing films and series from its history. reading". We have all started a Netflix series or movie without finishing it, either because of lack of time, or because the quality really left something to be desired.

It has been possible since March 2019 to carry out this spring cleaning from the desk version of Netflix. To do so, go to the tab Account of your profile, then in My profile, et History. Then just click on the icon of prohibition sign to remove unwanted content from our list. A manipulation that was previously impossible to perform from the Android application. In any case, impossible without a redirection to the website.

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How to delete movies and series from “Resume Playing” history

Turns out Netflix is ​​fixing the issue and is said to be testing the feature. Our colleagues from the Android Police site were able to take a look. As they explain, a new three-bar tab appears (will appear in any case) at the level of the films and series of your “Resume playing” list. Follow the next steps:

  • Open the Netflix app
  • Go to the “Resume reading with the profile of…” tab
  • Click on three bar tab next to the movie or series you want to delete
  • Go through the different options and click on the last one: Remove from playlist
  • Confirm deletion

Still according to Android Police, only one person from the editorial staff, in this case the founder of the site, was unable to obtain access to this feature. Let’s hope that Netflix will make it accessible to as many people as possible quickly, just to quickly remove the Death Note adaptation which is interfering with our “Resume Reading” history. At least we can still watch this abomination in time lapse on the Netflix Android app.

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