Netflix arrives on the Freebox Mini 4K, and soon on the Revolution

For Free and Netflix to come to an agreement, it always takes a little while. However, the ISP announces the arrival of Netflix (optional) on its Freebox Mini 4K, before the platform is also offered on the Freebox Revolution.

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In the Freebox family, the Mini 4K may well be the only one to run on Android TV, the content officially offered on the latter remains locked by Free. Thus, its owners could not access Netflix, even though the US SVOD platform has been offering an Android TV application for a very long time. Unofficially, it was still possible to install Netflix on Freebox Mini 4K, at the cost of a few computer hacks. These are no longer necessary since we have learned that the partnership formed between Free and Netflix at the time of the launch of the Freebox Delta now extends to this small box launched in early 2015.

Free Freebox Mini 4K

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How the Free Freebox Revolution price table works

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How the price table works

“If they already have a Netflix account, subscribers will only have to identify themselves from the Netflix application on their television to access the service. Otherwise, they can create a Netflix account and subscribe to the package of their choice directly on the application or from their Free subscriber area ”, indicates the ISP in its press release. No pecuniary advantage is provided for Mini 4K subscribers, the prices at which Netflix subscriptions are offered being those charged directly by the platform, namely Essential Package at € 7,99 / month, Standard Package at € 11,99 / month and Premium Plan at € 15,99 / month. This is obviously a non-binding option.

And soon on Freebox Revolution

Other information, the (very many) Free subscribers with a Freebox Revolution will also soon be able to access Netflix from their box, the press release ending with: “And soon on the Freebox Revolution, Netflix optional.” Free recalls that a Netflix Essential package is included in its Freebox Delta and Freebox One offers.

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