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Despite iPhone is a jewel of modern technology, there is no shortage of bugs or technical problems (more or less serious) that lead users to quickly search for solutions on the net without having to prune the device in assistance. For example, we have seen what to do when the iPhone no longer turns on, or when the iPhone keeps restarting by itself, just to name two of the most frequent problems. But another unpleasant situation in which one can find oneself is one in which theiPhone won't charge more. What to do in this situation? Wait for the battery to discharge completely or find a solution before this happens?

In this guide we want to share various quick and easy solutions to fix your iPhone not charging problem.

  1. Why the iPhone does not charge
  2. Check USB cable
  3. Check iphone charger
  4. Clean refill inlet
  5. Put iPhone in DFU
  6. Apple support

Part 1: Why iPhone Won't Charge?

Before seeing what solutions to try for the charging problem, it is very important to diagnose this problem. There could be several reasons behind it. One of the most common causes is the hardware or defective accessories. For example, if you are using an old cable that is not working properly, this could stop charging your phone.

Or, a non-functioning grip or spin can also be the reason why the'iPhone no longer charges. Or, your iPhone's battery may be completely dead and needs to be replaced.

However, if the iPhone battery runs out quickly there may also be a software problem. This mostly happens after an iOS update and we've already seen what to do to try and increase iPhone battery life. But now let's go back to the problem of the iPhone not charging and let's see which checks to carry out.

Part 2: Check the cable

One of the most common reasons whyiPhone won't charge it is a faulty USB cable. To get started, make sure you're only using a Lightning cable original. If you don't use it, we recommend that you buy it, for example here on Amazon (it costs less than 10 €). Also, the charging clip must be functional and compatible with the device. If the cable in your possession is worn out, then it is best to get a new one.

Part 3: Use a different battery charger

After checking the USB cable it is good to also check the battery charger. To understand if that is the problem, try using another one or buy a new and original one (it costs about ten euros here on Amazon).

Part 4: Clean the charging slot

This is another problem hardware common cause of iPhone not charging. If your phone is old, chances are its charging port / slot may have been damaged due to wear and tear. Also, if you work outdoors, it may also be full of dust and grime which prevents the various electronic contacts from working properly.

Therefore it is recommended to clean the refill slot with a linen cloth and avoid using water. Do this gently and make sure the door is not damaged during cleaning.

Part 5: Put the iPhone in DFU mode

DFU, stands for Device Firmware Update Mode is a mode of operation that can solve the problem of charging your iPhone. This mode is used when updating to a new firmware version. If there is a software-related problem with your device, putting your iPhone in DFU mode will restore and fix the problem. Here's what to do to put the iPhone into DFU mode:

1. Open iTunes on your PC (make sure it is the latest version) and then connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable

2. Turn off the phone by pressing the power button and scrolling the slider.

3. Once the phone is turned off, press the Power button and the Home button at the same time for at least 10 seconds.

4. In case the Apple logo appears, it means that you have held the buttons for too long and need to start over.

5. After 10 seconds, release the Power button and continue to hold the Home button. Press and hold the Home button for another 5 seconds.

6. If the iTunes logo appears, it means that you have held down the Home button for too long. If the screen of the device remains black, it means that the phone is finally on DFU mode.

7. If everything is done correctly, as soon as the iPhone goes into DFU, iTunes will detect it and show the following window asking you to choose whether to restore or update the iPhone to fix the charging problem.

Reset if you've made a backup before, or update if your iPhone is still running on an outdated version of iOS.

Part 6: Change Battery or go to an Apple Store

If none of the above-mentioned solutions worked, then the problem is most likely the battery. You can buy a new battery for your iPhone (here on Amazon there are some for the various iPhone models) or go to an Apple store and have them do the surgery in order to avoid further damage!

My iPhone 6 was no longer charging; thanks to the procedure proposed here using the DFU mode with Itunes, it now works as before. Thanks

  • after the US sanctions on Apple I would say that the reason is clear!

  • Better the huawei my iPhone used half a year does not charge anymore while my brother's huawei used for two years still charges and very quickly [40 min]

  • Hello, my iPhone 7, out of the blue stopped charging. The battery was at 0% and did not turn on anymore. I tried in every way to restart it, power button and low volume, DFU mode, connecting it to iTunes via computer etc. but none of these solutions gave positive results… the phone kept staying off. I took it to Apple assistance and after making attempts to turn it on (almost the same) they replied that it no longer worked and that I could buy another one at an "advantageous" price ... I then went to a nearby shop at home, from a geek, I showed him the iphone 7 and he attached it to his charger and after about 1 minute… magic turned ON !! At that point we analyzed various possibilities, the original Apple charger and original USB lightening cable supplied did not charge it but the tarot one of the geek did! we put the cable on his charger and he didn't charge it anyway, we instead put his cable on my original charger and then yes he CHARGED! So the problem was the cable which for some reason the iphone stopped accepting. I bought another cable from the geek and solved the problem! But I would like to understand if there is any software bug in IOS 12.2 that blocks the original cables in some sporadic and unfortunate device!

    • It happens to me too, for a few years now, but I think it's a software bug to make us change the model.
      In fact, if you go to an appple center, that's what they offer you.
      The Chinese say instead that it depends on the motherboard that overheats: in fact I tried to turn off everything that absorbs energy and sometimes it recharged when turned on. It has not been loaded for two weeks now. I'll bring it back from the Chinese ... let's hope you understand exactly what glo c..apita

  • Greetings. I have an IPhone 6, I put it in charge, the phone charges and the battery doesn't last long, but the only thing I can't explain is why it doesn't show me on the screen above right that the phone is not charging, I repeat the phone it loads. Thank you, I await your response

    • it also happens to me, for a few years now, mapenso of traits of a software input to make us change the model. In fact, if you go to an appple center, that's what they offer you. The Chinese says invce that it depends on the motherboard that overheats: in fact I have to turn off everything that absorbs energy and some vlta has recharged when turned on. It has not been charged for two weeks now.

  • My iPhone 6 64gb only charges when it is turned off. What happens?

  • I cannot charge my iPhone, It appears as in figure 1 I have cleaned the entrance, I have changed the cables and the charger, I have followed the process for the DFU mode without success. Brazilian citizen without an Apple center, what can I do?

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