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Perhaps the most frequent and common problem that users in possession of an iPhone encounter is that of the block on the "apple”Ie the screen appears Apple apple logo and the device does not turn on or restarts constantly. This is a big problem because the device is totally unusable and all the data in it are inaccessible. If you need to solve this problem or one of the problems listed below (always related to the block on the "apple") read the solution below and you can finally reuse the device.

Types of "iPhone lock on apple"And related searches:

# 1. dr.Fone (repair without data loss)

dr.fone is a professional program that also offers a repair function for iOS devices and unlocks them in case they are stuck on the apple when starting or updating. Here are the links to download the program (for Windows or Mac) and the steps to follow to repair your iPhone or iPad.


Guide: How to Unlock iPhone / iPad Stuck on Apple

1. Run the program and connect your iOS device to the computer.
2. From the main dr.Fone screen, click on the function System Repair

3. Choose Standard mode (repair that allows you to keep data)

4. Once the iPhone is connected to the computer (and detected by the program), follow the instructions dictated by the program. The first thing you will be asked to do is indicate the exact model of the iPhone and then download the relevant firmware package.

5. After DOWNLOAD, click on "Correct Now”And the program will proceed to install the firmware on the iOS device to solve the blocking problem on the apple.

After the repair the device will reboot and should no longer be stuck on the apple.

#2. Forced restart of the iPhone

A possible (and simple) solution to the problem is to “forcefully” restart the device. Often this works and unlocks the device.

If you have one iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus (or earlier) here's how to do the forced reboot:

  1. Press the power and volume buttons at the same time.
  2. When the screen goes black, release the buttons.
  3. Press and hold the Power button again until the Apple logo appears.
  4. Your iPhone will restart normally

If you have one iPhone 12/11/X/8 instead here is the procedure to follow:

  1. Press and release the Volume Up button
  2. Press and release the Volume Down button
  3. Press and hold the side button for about 10 seconds.
  4. Once your iPhone has restarted, you can release the side button.

# 3. Restore iPhone with iTunes

The problem of the iPhone stuck on the apple can also be solved by putting the iPhone in "recovery mode" and reset the device with iTunes. This means that all the data on your iPhone will be erased. So make sure you have the latest backup of your iPhone and that your computer has the latest version of iTunes.

Or you can try putting the iPhone in DFU mode and then always proceed to restore via iTunes

To do these operations read the following article:

How to Put iPhone in DFU Mode and Recovery Mode

Main causes of iPhone freezing on apple

We have seen above what are the main solutions to try to solve the problem of iPhone stuck on apple. But why does this problem happen? What are the main causes? Here they are described below:

  1. IOS update problem - You may notice that your iPhone gets stuck on the Apple logo immediately after updating to the latest iOS version. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but it usually comes down to trying to install the new iOS on an older phone.
  2. Jailbroken phone - If you have tried to jailbreak yourself or have taken it to a technician, your iPhone may get stuck on the Apple logo after attempting the jailbreak process.
  3. Freeze after restore with iTunes - Regardless of why you are restoring your iPhone, it can get stuck on Apple's screen after restoring it from iTunes or iCloud.
  4. While updating or restoring - We all need to update or restore our iPhones on a semi-regular basis for a variety of reasons. If you are having trouble installing an update or performing a regular reset, your iPhone may get stuck on the Apple logo screen.
  5. Insufficient memory - It has been noticed more and more often that low free memory on the iPhone causes this annoying problem. It is therefore a good idea to always keep the iPhone "clean" and not too overloaded with data.


but what if it doesn't restart me?

  • you are the best!

  • Hi, I also find myself in the same situation with an old iPad 2 running iOS 9.3. Aple urged me to upgrade to iOS 9.3.6 by downloading it on the air (wi-fi) [but this is impossible and apple itself does not allow it] or via iTunes.
    I tried 3 times with iTunes, first with only update then with factory reset, but always with negative results.
    With very long searches I was able to find the image of the iOS to be installed via the web, I downloaded it on the PC, I connected the IPa to the PC and I started the factory reset procedure using the image of the new iOS 9.3.6 but always with negative results: once the image was loaded on the iPad, at the first start, it was immediately stamped inviting me to load the update of the new iOS.
    I tried these steps many times, then I think I discovered the problem:
    seondo me is an apple strategy, since the birth of this company:
    iOS 9.3.6 was born in 2013 and died in 2016. As we know every year it is necessary to update the iOS and every update by dint of giving requires more powerful hardware (to keep up with the times you are forced to appear a new Apple every 2/3 years max). Upon installation, Apple checks the version of the iOS you are installing, and sees that you are currently using 13 (so it seems to me) so it does not allow you in any way to install an older version of iOS and the device is bricked. How to fix it? you go to an Apple service center where by paying for the assistance they will invite you to buy the new device with which you will solve every problem for the next 2 years and we will surely come back from scratch.
    I scrapped my father's iPad 2 and continues to use an old pentium pc (bought in 2005) on which I have installed the excellent windows 10 without any problem indeed made it faster than before.
    I never liked Apple for its policy of "we only allow you to do what we want", in fact after the 2-year life cycle of their iOS they force you to switch devices with a new one. Ok, but at this point bring the price of an iPad to no more than 200 euros all inclusive !.
    PS: in the US, the cost of a brand new iPad or iPhone (the last one released in the Italian market) does not exceed $ 250. In the city, you pay 800 euros of customs duties for each Apple product!

  • I have tried all the solutions key up key down etc but nothing
    I downloaded the program but the pc does not detect my phone. what do I throw it from the balcony? hahahahah

    • Hi Giusy by chance have you solved the problem? I am in the same situation as you

    • Hi Giusy have you solved the problem?

  • Thank you for the tip!! very helpful!

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