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Part 1. Is there actually a problem with your iPhone's battery?

1.1 Wait a day or two

Since the update was released, the resulting problems could be quickly repaired. If you have iPhone battery issues right after an iOS update, leave the phone for a couple of days. Wait patiently for the battery to adjust or for Apple to release a new update if there is indeed a bug in the operating system. In the meantime, opt for the management techniques of the energy saving that can give you some respite.

1.2 Monitor battery usage

In our busy life we ​​pay little attention to our phone and how it works. If your iPhone battery drains fast, there's no need to blame Apple. Often, the iPhone's battery is occupied by applications or services used in the background. To determine which application is consuming a good amount of battery, it is vital to monitor the iPhone's battery usage. Here's how it's done.

a) Open "Settings”On the home screen.
b) Click on "Battery"And wait for the moment when"Using the battery"Expands.

Part 2. Check for battery bugs in the new iOS version

When battery life of your iPhone is in play due to an iOS update, there is a sense of anger, which we can understand. There can be two possibilities, either the battery is degrading due to natural reasons related to your iPhone or it is draining due to some bug battery. For that, you have to keep checking online to see if you are not alone in having this problem.

Intermittent battery drain has been reported to be one of the post-symptoms of the latest iOS update. To solve this problem, Apple always takes care of the problem and releases the update patch that you can install right away to fix the problem.

2. Use background update

The main reason for iPhone battery problems lies in the use of its features. L'background update it is one such feature that is enough to drain the battery faster than you expect. In general, this feature allows you to give you the most accurate information about apps. It is useful to disable this feature to prevent the battery from draining quickly.

a) Go to "Settings”From your iPhone.
b) Click on "General", select "Refresh app in background" and choose the "NO" option. Or leave it on "YES" and choose which applications to allow background updating.

3. Lower screen brightness

Usually, users keep the highest brightness levels for the screen. This not only affects your iPhone's battery draining quickly, but it also has a non-benevolent effect on the eyes. Therefore, it is good to regulate the brightness and keep it as dim as possible. Use the following steps:

a) Go to "Settings", tap "Screen and brightness"
b) Drag the slider in the leftmost direction to zoom out brightness screen.

4. Enable airplane mode in places with no signal coverage

If you are in places with weak or no signal coverage it is good to activate the "Airplane" mode. This mode will restrict calls, Internet access, saving battery as much as possible. Below are the steps to follow:

a) Unlock the device and swipe up from the center. This will open the "Control Center".
b) Locate the airplane icon, press on it to enable the "Airplane mode".
c) Alternatively, go to "Settings" followed by "Flight mode" and drag the slider to activate it.

5. Follow Tips in iPhone settings

Being an iPhone user, you need to know some of its useful features which are helpful in improving battery life. To learn about these tips, use the following methods.

a) Launch the “Settings” app on the iPhone.
b) Press "Battery" and select "Insights and tips".
c) You will notice that your iPhone provides suggestions for improving battery levels.
d) Just click on the hint which will redirect to the settings that need to be renewed.

6. Disable Raise to Activate on the iPhone

We are quite used to having the screen lit every time we use it. But if your iPhone battery suddenly started draining overnight, you need to be very careful. Any service that you think is normal to use can now become the reason for the problem. It's best to turn off the “Raise to Wake” feature on your iPhone. Here's how to do it:

a) Go to the “Settings” app.
b) Go to “Screen and Brightness”.
c) Scroll to the "Raise to activate" function and deactivate it

7. Keep the iPhone face down when not in use

Usually, with recent models, the “iPhone Face Down” feature is a default method. If this method is enabled, every time you place your iPhone face down, the screen freezes when notifications arrive. Follow the steps to enable this feature on other iPhone models as well.

  1. Launch “Settings”, go to the “Privacy” option.
  2. Click on “Movement and Fitness” and then activate the “Physical Activity Tracking”.

8. Disable Location Services

Location services are something very useful. By setting up sat nav in cars, using location specific apps like Uber, GPS services are always enabled on our iPhone. We know GPS is useful but using it at the right time is even more useful. Especially if your iPhone has battery problems. You must use it to a minimum and keep its use restrictive. It is better to deactivate the GPS if you do not need it. Here's how to do it:

  1. Click on "Settings", and then go to "Privacy".
  2. Select "Location Services" and select the button next to "Location services".
  3. Give consent to the actions through "Deactivate" for the complete disabling of the program. Or scroll down on apps to limit location services

9. Disable "Reduce Motion"

Your iPhone is constantly using motion effects to create the illusion of depth on your “Home screen” and apps. If you want to limit the level of motion in your device, the less chance your iPhone battery will run out. Just perform the following steps:

  1. Go to "Settings".
  2. Now go to "General" and select "Accessibility".
  3. Go to “Reduce Motion” and disable the function.

10. Activate the power saving mode

For better management of the battery life of your iPhone, it is essential to make sure your phone is running in low power mode. You can thus preserve the battery life of your iPhone and disable the settings. Using this feature, all unimportant functions of your iPhone will be disabled. Even Apple claims this can get you up to 3 hours of extra battery life. Here are 2 ways to do this:

a) Classic method is to go to "Settings"And"Battery”And activate the power saving mode.
b) Otherwise, you can access the "Control Center”By sliding the middle section and pressing the battery icon to enable or disable the battery.

For those who have a problem with the iPhone battery and must necessarily replace it .. on Amazono there are (non-original) batteries that cost from 20 to 30 euros. But then you have to mount it ...

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