iOS 15: your iPhone's storage is not full, it's just a bug!

Many iPhone users who have installed the new iOS 15 update are complaining about a bug. Their phone would report that the device's storage is almost full, even if it isn't.

iOS 15: your iPhone's storage is not full, it's just a bug!
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It's been two days since the new iOS 15 update was released, and some users are already experiencing bugs. After updating their smartphone to iOS 15, many iPhone users received an alert warning them that "the storage is almost full", even if the smartphone is empty.

This can be annoying, since it can appear several times a day, or for some every time they install a new application on their device. The error about storage on iOS 15 seems to be a bug, since iPhones keep sending the same alert regardless of the amount of storage space freed on the device.

How to correct the problem if you receive the alert?

To fix the iOS 15 “iPhone storage almost full” error, users will have to restore their iPhone and do a full backup or wait for an official fix from Apple which is expected to be rolled out in the next few days. The American giant seems to already be aware of the problem, since many internet users have already expressed their dissatisfaction on social networks.

Some users have reported on social media that deleting the entire Internet history of Safari, and everything related to it, may help remove the error message, but this solution does not seem to work for everyone. You can also try contacting Apple support on the official website or on social media to get a personalized solution for your problem. The next time your iPhone displays this message, so you will know that it is most likely an error, especially if you have just purchased the new iPhone 13s.

Fortunately for iPhone owners, this bug is more annoying than it is dangerous. iOS 15 currently suffers from other much more serious bugs that impact device security, as a security researcher has shown that it is for example possible to access notes stored in an iPhone without unlocking it.

Thanks for reaching out to us! We understand you are seeing an alert that your iPhone storage is almost full after upgrading to iOS 15. We’re here to help!

Please send us a screenshot of your iPhone storage screen in DM and we will continue working with you there.

— Apple Support (@AppleSupport) September 20, 2021

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