Humor: create your own meme in just a few clicks

    Humor: create your own meme in just a few clicksThe meme is a benchmark of digital humor. It is an image with references directly linked to the Internet, accompanied by a humorous text. Images of cats, Chuck Norris or cartoon characters make social networks happy. In this discovery of the day, zoom in on some memes generators, to create your own image while respecting the genre!

    Finding the right meme generator

    To choose a suitable meme generator, among the dozens of sites offered on the internet, the first thing to do is to check the images you have, unless you have your own. Some generators offer their own banks of humorous images, such as Memegenerator or Memegen.

    The other point to check is how easy it is to adapt the text to the image. To respect the principles of the meme, you need a few impactful words, at the top and bottom of the image, in capitals and in white.
    Finally, the sharing possibilities vary according to the generators: some are limited to social networks, others allow a recording of the created image., a simple and efficient generator is a very simple memes generator. Without registration, you can upload your own photo, and enter the humorous text in the two frames provided at the top and bottom of the image. The size of the text can be adapted to the format of the image. Once generated, the image can be saved on its own computer, or shared on social networks.
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