How to take Edge in Spanish?

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If you are working on a shared machine or using a version of Windows 10 in a foreign language, it is sometimes necessary to switch the browser back to the Spanish language. The operation is quite simple, you still have to know where to go.

Edge is a multilingual browser, which supports many languages 鈥嬧媡o suit any user on the planet. It is therefore possible, in certain situations, to come across a version of Edge in a language other than Spanish. This is the case, for example, if you are abroad, and the computer and the Windows 10 system are defined in the local language. This setting may cause problems on some sites, which will be displayed in English, German or Spanish rather than Spanish.

Fortunately for you, Edge lets you change the browser language back to Spanish with just a few clicks. We immediately explain how to properly configure Edge in order to make this change. In this example, we have used Edge in English to detail the different operations.

Skip Edge in Spanish

  1. Open the Edge menu by clicking on the " ... 禄To the right of the address bar.

  2. Click on the " Settings 禄.

  3. In the left menu, click on the " Languages 禄.

  4. The upper part of this menu presents the "preferred languages". Click on the " ... 鈥滾ocated to the right of the Spanish language.

  5. Check the box " Display Microsoft Edge in this language 禄.

  6. A button " Restart 鈥滱ppears. You will need to restart the browser to confirm the operation.

  7. Your browser is in Spanish.

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