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You need recover WiFi password on iPhone / iPad  why do you need to share it with a friend or for other reasons? In this article you will find really useful and detailed guide for that purpose. Read on to understand how to find WiFi password on iPad or iPhone.

Almost all WiFi networks used in the world are password protected. This is in fact the security protocol most used especially in the WiFi field. There are different types of Wifi networks, such as residential or business wifi networks and almost all of these networks are protected by a password without which it becomes impossible to connect to that network. Using password protection is much easier and faster than other techniques such as MAC filtering and non-broadcasting SSID strategies.

If your WiFi network is also password protected, you will need to enter that password to access the Internet. If you use an iPhone or iPad to browse the internet, even then you will have been asked to enter the password the first time you connect to that network. Once the network password has been entered, it is stored by the device and is no longer required, unless the iPhone is formatted to the initial factory conditions. However, it often happens that after a while this password is forgotten and if you need to recover it you try to do it from the device settings. What to do if the Wi-Fi password is lost or forgotten? Unfortunately, there is no integrated function in the iPhone or iPad that allows you to quickly recover the password saved for that wifi network. This article is born from this problem and below we will see the best methods for recover the WiFi password on iPhone and iPad.

# 1. Retrieve WiFi password from the Router Configuration page

As anticipated, Apple wants to keep the WiFi password protected and safe and does not show it in the settings otherwise anyone could access your iPhone / iPad and find out the WiFi password within seconds. The "owner" of the WiFi connection should already have the password stored somewhere (not just on the device) or if you are already connected to the network just log in to router configuration page and recover the password itself.

To enter the configuration interface of the router open the browser, for example Internet Explorer, type the address: or or even, based on the factory configuration of the router. If it is none of these, from the settings of your iPhone or iPad you can easily find out as shown in the following figure:

Once you open this interface you will be asked for your username and password to log in (usually it is admin / admin o admin / password). Once logged in, you can easily access the settings page where the set password is present.

#2. How to recover WiFi password via app on iPhone / iPad?

There is no official system or app that allows you to recover the wifi password of your iPhoe or iPad. But if you have an unlocked (i.e. jailbroken) iPhone in Cydia you will find a wide range of apps capable of find the password of the WiFi connection. Among the many apps we point out one in particular below.

apri Cydia on your iPhone / iPad and search for "NetworkList"(Without apostrophes) and install this app.

If asked click on "Restart Springboard". This is essential to restart the home screen.

Then log in to Settings WiFi and you should see a new option called "Known Networks". Clicking on this option will open a screen with all the Wi-Fi networks to which you are connected and with the relative password used

If your iPhone is not Jailbroken unfortunately on the App Store you will not find any of these apps because Apple is very strict on these things (unfortunately). However it is possible to find (on the App Store) and use an app capable of store WiFi passwords and acquire them later. You can search the App Store for different apps that manage your passwords. When you forget a password, you can then recover it through these “password manager” apps.

# 3. Recover iPhone WiFi password with 4uKey

If you do not want to lose your iPhone warranty by jailbreaking (essential for downloading apps from Cydia) we recommend you try a program called  4UKey . This software (available for Windows) allows you to acquire all the passwords saved in the memory of the iPhone or iPad. Its capabilities are not limited to finding WiFi passwords but also to all the other passwords saved in the device's memory: those of websites, e-mails, bank account passwords, etc ... Here's how to use this program to recover the Wifi password of your iPhone.

Step 1. Download and install the program on your computer

DOWNLOAD 4uKey Password for Windows or Mac (from the official website)

Step 2: After installation launch the program and connect your iPhone or iPad to the PC via its USB cable

Step 3: Wait a few seconds until the device is detected by the program and then click on "START SCAN”To start scanning

Step 4: At the end of the scan, a screen will appear with all the WiFi networks found and the relative passwords stored by the device.


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