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THEerror 50 iTunes it mainly occurs when a list of content purchased from the iTunes Store cannot be updated. Poor internet connection or network problem can be the cause of the error as iTunes tries to connect to its central database without success. In such cases the sync and download on iTunes will not happen causing error -50 or unknown error. The same error could also show up when restoring or updating the iPhone. Below we see how to resolve error 50.

How to fix iTunes error 50 when restoring or updating iPhone

Unfortunately, there is no "patch" that with a single click fixes the iTunes error 50 problem since the problem is not actually caused by a bug within iTunes. It is the connection to the Internet or some network settings on a router or computer that blocks iTunes and does not allow connection to Apple servers. Below we point out all the possible solutions to the problem.

Solution # 1: Try other USB ports

Unplug the device from the current USB port and plug it into another USB port. Wait for iTunes to detect the device and try to restore it.

Solution # 2: Reinstall iTunes

iTunes may have been installed on the computer with faulty network settings or it may also be damaged. Reinstalling iTunes would solve all these problems, so it is recommended that you download the latest version of iTunes from Apple's website and install it.

Solution # 3: Check your firewall / antivirus settings

Many firewalls or antivirus programs can block any inbound or outbound data traffic. Unless otherwise defined, iTunes should not be listed as a suspicious program, but the user would do well to check the list of blocked software, maybe iTunes was added unintentionally as well.

Solution # 4: Clean the registry

The registry could be another reason why iTunes shows error 50. The iTunes registry in Windows OS could be corrupted and therefore generate error 50. In this case, all other solutions could be useless. To clean the registry read this guide: How to fix Windows registry errors

Solution # 5: Check Network Connection

Check your router settings, maybe it goes to block the port used by iTunes. Similarly, check if similar blocking settings are applied on the computer.

Solution # 6: iPhone Sim Card Problem

Remove the SIM card from the iOS device and try to restore it via iTunes without SIM card. However, if you do not want your data to be deleted, read the following solution.

Solution # 7: Reset iPhone

If none of the previous solutions solved the problem all that remains is to restore the operating system of your iPhone. Like? We recommend using dr.fone Toolkit for iOS to restore and update the iPhone, without deleting the data saved on it. Carefully follow the instructions described in the article: how to restore iPhone firmware.

At the end of this procedure, the latest iOS version available (and compatible with your device) will be installed on your iPhone and the data saved in the memory will NOT be deleted.

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