How to export contacts to Gmail?

Exporting your Gmail contacts will allow you to use them in another messaging software with an import function, or on a phone. The export generates a file in CSV or vCard format, which can then be imported by the destination software. This tutorial explains all the steps to create and download all your Google contacts in the format of your choice.

Export your contacts via the Google Contacts application

  1. Access the application Contacts by clicking on this link, or by clicking on Applications Google > Contacts.

  2. Click on the button Plus dans la colonne de gauche.

  3. Click on Export.

  4. Select, if you wish, the contacts to export.

  5. Select the file format between CSV for Google, CSV for Outlook and vCard (for iOS).

  6. Click on Export ; the Contacts file will be placed in your Downloads by default.

The CSV format (for comma-separated values) is a file that can be opened with Excel and where the values 鈥嬧媋re separated by commas. The vCard file is used in particular by Apple's address book, and therefore recommended if you want to export your Gmail contacts to iOS.

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