How to create and read your sheet music

How to create and read your sheet music


You have probably already tried to look for free software (better, free!) To create and read scores! MuseScore is for you!

Download and installation

Go to the official site (I hope it will be on CCM soon), ie: It is good to know that this software is free, and is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux (search the repositories). To download, click on Downloads at the top right, then follow the instructions depending on your OS. Run the downloaded file, then follow the installation routine.

Basics & main functions

Once the software is installed, click on the shortcut: MuseScore opens! You can close the "Walk" tab by default. Do File -> New: this will create a new blank partition, provided you have chosen the correct options.

The operation is very simple: click on "N" to have a nicer feel of the editor, then click on the elements to use them, then click on the staff to adjust the pitch of the note. As for the rests, you just have to choose the equivalence of the tempo, then click on the "Silence" button. Example: to make a 1-beat silence, click on: quarter note, silence! It's the same for notes, except that you don't click the silence button.

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