How to configure your RED by SFR answering machine?

If your telephone does not receive the network or if you do not answer an incoming voice call, your correspondent is automatically redirected to your answering machine. RED by SFR allows you to configure your voicemail in order to best personalize the experience of this feature.

The answering machine is one of the features of our old mobile phones which have survived the arrival of smartphones. It allows a person who calls us and who has not succeeded in reaching us to record a voicemail message to our attention to express the purpose of their call and possibly leave their contact details so that we can call them back. We then receive a notification of the missed call and the caller's message on our answering machine when the case arises. All you have to do is check your voicemail to read the message.

Consult your RED answering machine

First of all, remember that you can access your voicemail free of charge by dialing 123 on your mobile. There is no limitation, you can check your answering machine as many times as you want.

Consult your RED answering machine from abroad

Before going abroad, you must define a secret code to access your answering machine. To do this, dial 123, type “3” to access your messaging customization options, then type “2” to enter your secret code. Choose your secret code, which must contain between four and six digits, then validate with the “#” symbol. We repeat, this manipulation must be carried out while you are still in Spain. You can then deactivate the code when you return to France to access your voicemail more quickly.

When you are abroad, you may be charged the cost of a call to Spain for checking voicemail (this varies depending on the geographical area). 123 may not work in the country you are in. In this case, you can dial +33 6 12 00 01 23 instead.

To consult the answering machine from abroad, enter your telephone number when requested, after having dialed either 123 or +33 6 12 00 01 23. During the answering machine announcement (whether standard or custom), type "#". Then enter your secret code and end with "#" to finalize the operation and finally access the messaging.

Consult your RED answering machine from another line

It is possible to access the answering machine from another mobile line or a landline in Spain or abroad. Prerequisite: your usual mobile must be switched off. Once you've made sure, dial your phone number. Since it is off, you will come directly to the answering machine. While announcing this, type “#” then enter your secret code (see the previous section “How to consult your RED answering machine from abroad?” For more details on the secret code). Finish by entering "#" again. You can then check your voicemail from any other line.

Personalize the welcome announcement of your RED answering machine

In order to change the automatic voice heard by your correspondent when they land on your voice mailbox, you can record a message yourself. Dial 123 and press the “2” key, then the “#” key to confirm. Follow the instructions to compose your personalized answering machine message and press the “#” key again to validate it. The message you have just recorded is now the one that will be broadcast by default when a caller drops into your voicemail.

Activate the automatic redial of the RED answering machine

Your voicemail has an automatic redial option, which allows you to be reminded every ten minutes for two hours when you have a new message. To activate or deactivate this feature, dial 123. Then press the “3” key, then the “1” key. Press the "1" button again to validate your choice.

Deactivate the recording of messages from the RED answering machine

When correspondents try in vain to reach you, they fall by default on your voicemail which informs them that you are unavailable for the moment and that they have the possibility of leaving a voicemail message. However, you can also activate the “non-recording answering machine” function, if you wish. The person making the call will then be notified, as before, that you cannot be reached right away, but they will not be able to leave a voicemail message. A very practical option for the growing number of users who never check their email.

To activate or deactivate this feature, dial 123 using your mobile keypad then press the “*” (star) key. Then type "3" and press the star key again. Finalize the operation by entering "1".

Choose the ringing time of your mobile before being switched to the RED answering machine

In general, your telephone should ring between 15 and 20 seconds before your correspondent is transferred to your voice mailbox. A duration that you can extend or on the contrary shorten to a certain point. On your device's keypad, dial the following sequence: ** 61 * + 33612000123 ** XX #. The two end "XXs" correspond to the ringing time you want. To set the ringing duration to 30 seconds for example, you must therefore type: ** 61 * + 33612000123 ** XX. Know that you cannot exceed 30 seconds.

Deactivate notifications and SMS when you receive a message on your RED answering machine

When we receive a voice message on our answering machine, we also receive a notification and an SMS from our operator informing us. You can turn off these warnings by dialing 123 and then pressing the "3" key. Then type "4" and validate by pressing "1".

Set up your Answering Machine + RED

As a RED mobile customer, you have the option of subscribing to the Answering Machine + option for two euros per month. This offers a plethora of new features: further personalization, visual voicemail, direct listening to a voicemail message being recorded, etc. In addition, some operations are much more intuitive thanks to the application. If you are one of those people who still rely heavily on their answering machine, Answering Machine + greatly improves the user experience.

Please note: visual voicemail works well on Android smartphones, but is not available on some recent versions of iOS. If you have an iPhone, then you may not be able to enjoy it.

Choose a secret code

In the Answering machine + application, go to the “Options” tab and select “Secret code”. Choose your secret code of four to six digits and press "Modify" to finalize the operation.

Choose notification methods

When you have one or more messages waiting on your answering machine, RED will notify you. From the Answering machine + application options, go to the “Message notification” section. You can then choose whether you prefer to be warned by "Icon" (notification) or by "Text" (SMS).

Direct listening

Also called Live Answering Machine, this option costs two euros per month and allows you to listen live to the message that your correspondent is recording (without the latter being informed that it is being listened to in real time. ). It is then possible to go off-hook at any time to resume the call. Useful when you receive a call from an unknown or hidden number and you want to know who it is before deciding whether to answer or not.

To benefit from this feature, you must use the Answering Machine + application. In the “Options” tab, find “Direct listening” then select “Subscribe” and finally “Confirm”.

Activate the non-recording answering machine

In principle, if you have chosen the Answering machine + offer, it is not to withdraw the possibility for your interlocutors to leave a voice message on your voicemail. However, this can be useful from time to time: during weekends or holidays for example, so as not to find yourself inundated with messages to listen to when you return.

To configure the non-recording answering machine, enter the application then go to the options to find "Non-recording answering machine". Drag the slider to the right to activate the option (to the left to deactivate it). Press the "Modify" button at the bottom of the screen to validate your choice.

Forward Voicemail Messages to Email

Still from the application, look for "Transfer by e-mail" in the options tab. Simply drag the slider to the right to activate this feature and in the displayed input field fill in the email address you want your voicemail messages to be sent to. Confirm by pressing "Modify" at the bottom.

Personalize the announcement of the RED answering machine

Answering machine + allows you to purchase a greeting announcement. In the options tab, select "My mobile phone" then go to "Access the selection". You are redirected to a web page. Click on an ad to listen to it, then on the button for "I buy" to acquire it.

You can of course personalize your message for free. In the “Announcements” tab, choose “Default announcement” then click on “Edit”. You can then go to "Choose an SFR announcement" to select the pre-recorded announcement of your choice from a proposed selection. You also have the option of choosing "Record the announcement myself". In this case, press the record button (shaped like a red circle), record your message, and press the same button again when you are finished. Then press "Continue" and "Validate" to finalize the procedure.

Personalize the announcement of your RED voice mailbox according to the correspondents

In the announcements tab of the Answering machine + application, tap “Create an announcement” then select “One or more contacts”. Then let yourself be guided by the app, which lets you choose to create an announcement for one or more contacts of your choice (imported from the directory or by entering the number manually), for all hidden numbers or for the all calls. After choosing this, you can select a pre-recorded announcement or record the message yourself.

Create an ad for your RED answering machine for a specific date

If you are going on vacation for example, it can be useful to let your interlocutors know that you cannot be reached for X time or to give instructions (contact a colleague, send an email, call back on return ...). To do this, go to "Create an ad", in the "Ads" tab of the application. Tap on "A date or period" and select "Starts - Ends" to enter the start and end dates for the announcement. You can also configure recurrences and time slots with this tool.

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