How to activate dark mode on Messenger?

Dark mode has several advantages: find out how to activate it on Messenger !

Dark mode is the best friend in low light environments. Less aggressive for your eyes, it also avoids disturbing those around you in the dark. In addition, it has the good idea to preserve the battery of your smartphone since this mode is necessarily less energy intensive, especially if your smartphone has an AMOLED panel.

Activate dark mode on Messenger

1. Switching to dark mode on Messenger is blazingly fast. The proof right away: open your mobile application, then tap your profile picture. This is located at the top left of the screen.

2. Dark mode is the first element you can see on your personal page. We can see that it is currently unchecked. Just flip the button to activate it.

That is all ! To return to standard mode, the path will be exactly the same.

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