How to activate Bluetooth on Windows 10?

Turning on Bluetooth on Windows 10 allows wireless devices to be connected to your computer. Convenient and efficient.

Now, the vast majority of portable PCs sold are Bluetooth compatible. Many desktop PCs also benefit from such support. This technology allows two devices to communicate with each other over a short distance. Bluetooth was used a lot on phones at one time to transfer files. Today, it is outdated on this aspect: it is too slow and too impractical. But it remains the preferred standard for connecting an accessory (headphones, mouse, etc.) to a main device (smartphone, computer, etc.).

On a PC (desktop or laptop) running Windows 10, it is thus possible to connect many different types of Bluetooth devices in order to gain convenience without having cables and wires everywhere. Mouse, keyboard, headset, headphones, microphone, gamepad, speakers ... To learn how to configure and secure Windows 10, it may be useful to master the management and configuration of Bluetooth on your machine.

Activate Bluetooth on Windows 10

Follow the steps below to access your PC's Bluetooth options.

  1. Click on the Windows logo in the lower left corner of the screen (next to the search bar) to open the Start menu.

  2. Select the gear icon in the left menu column, just above the "On / Off" button, to access Settings.

  3. Click on "Peripheral devices".

  4. Activate Bluetooth by clicking to the right of the slider (see screenshot below)

Now that you have enabled Bluetooth on your PC, all you have to do is pair your Bluetooth device with the computer. Handling varies depending on the type of product, brand or even model of the device. Consult the instructions for your accessory to find out how to pair it. Once you have made your device discoverable by other devices for a Bluetooth connection, click on "Add a Bluetooth device or another device" on the last screen shown above for Windows 10 to search for your mouse, helmet or other.

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