Essential photo software on a USB key

    Essential photo software on a USB keyUSB key. Having them on a stick allows you to use them without having to install them, which is advantageous in cases where you are on the move (working from an internet café), when using the another person's computer, etc.

    This package brings together different types of applications (all free or under GPL license) in order to meet all your needs (editing, hosting, visualization ...). This selection sometimes includes several software for the same function (retouching for example): it's up to you to use the one that best suits your needs, for example by favoring PhotoFiltre for basic retouching and by launching Gimp for more advanced retouching ( red-eye removal, perspective correction ...). These alterations, and a few others, are also detailed in this guide.

    Here is the list of software contained in the package:

    • Gimp (photo editing).
    • PhotoFiltre (photo editing).
    • Paint.NET (photo editing).
    • Cornice (visualisateur d'images).
    • FSViewer (visualisateur d'images).
    • FSResizer (resizing images).
    • InkSkape (vector design).
    • Scribus (PAO).
    • AbiWord (word processor).
    • Firefox (web browser).
    • FileZilla (to send your files to an FTP server).
    • Juploadr (to upload your photos to Flickr).
    • A "My Documents" folder to store your files.
    • An application launcher that opens automatically when the key is inserted.
    It is up to you to provide the USB key that will host this software package, which will all occupy some 300 MB. To work comfortably, and in particular to be able to save your edited files, it is therefore advisable to opt for a larger key . To download, go to this page.

    So much for your touch-ups on the go! For working from home, you probably prefer to install your favorite applications completely on your personal computer. To download them, go to our or to the brief Your applications in your pocket with the software library. We also invite you to consult our recent guide "The essentials of the software library", which will allow you to discover other programs worthy of attention.

    Download PhotoFiltre for Windows.
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