DxO presents the NiK Collection 3: for ever deeper integration with Photoshop

The NiK Collection passes the course of version 3. For this variant, the Spanish company DxO relies on a more advanced integration with the software of its competitor Adobe, Lightroom and Photoshop, and improves its retouching tools.

DxO NiK Collection 3 by DxO

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Almost three years after its acquisition by the Spanish company DxO, the NiK Collection is evolving towards version 3. Compared to the different versions of the Nik Collection, in addition to the 200 filters and effects of the collection, this third version offers an eighth plug-in called Perspective Efex and dedicated to geometric modifications. This allows anamorphosis correction, adjustment, and even the creation of bokehs in postproduction. DxO promises that the "miniature" effect operated by its program allows an adjustment of the blur previously reserved for tilt and shift lenses.

Miniature effect with the Perspective Efex plug-in. © DxO

According to the information communicated by DxO, the Perspective Efex plug-in can also remove “all types of distortion: barrel, pincushion, and even with fisheye effect”, without affecting the quality of the image and by limiting the cropping.

Further integration with Lightroom and Photoshop

Eager to attract users of the Adobe suite and aware of the dominant position of the American firm (80% of Nik Collection users are via Photoshop), DxO has made its Nik Selective Tool plug-in even more integrable with Photoshop and Lightroom software. The changes are therefore primarily aesthetic. Indeed, once the Nik Selective Tool installed and Photoshop launched, the first is adorned with colors and an interface similar to Adobe software. Also the various tools have been optimized so that the regular Photoshop user can find their way around easily.

The Nik Selective Tool integrated into Photoshop. © Adobe

Under Lightroom, the Nik Collection 3 now enables a non-destructive workflow thanks to the use of "MULTIPAGE" TIFF files. In this format, it is possible to edit an image under different plug-ins without ever losing the data of the original file.

Nik Selective Tool in Photoshop. © DxO

Finally, the Nik Collection 3 by DxO (Windows and macOS) is immediately available for download on the DxO website (at the special price of € 99,99 instead of € 149, and € 59,99 against € 79 for the upgrade). updated from version 2.5, until June 30, 2020).

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